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The Scary Reason Pokimane Thought Her Cat Was Stolen

Pets very quickly become members of the family, and it's easy to get emotional when something unexpected happens to a beloved animal. Pokimane is no exception, and her emotions went haywire when she came home from New York recently only to find her cat missing from her apartment. Pokimane and her cat, Mimi, are close companions, and Mimi even appears in Pokimane's "starting soon" Twitch intro.


On December 28, Pokimane told the scary story to her viewers on Twitch. Pokimane got back to her apartment from her recent New York travels with her phone at the ready to capture Mimi's reaction to seeing her after a week. However, Mimi wasn't there to greet her and she didn't come when Pokimane called her. Pokimane looked through her apartment, checking all of Mimi's favorite hiding spots, and she still couldn't find her. Pokimane wasn't too concerned since she had put an Airtag on Mimi before leaving, and when she checked the Airtag it was still in the house.

However, she didn't expect to find the Airtag attached to Mimi's collar and sitting in the middle of the floor with no Mimi in sight. She started freaking out when she realized that Mimi's pet carrier was missing as well, wondering if someone had "yoink[ed]" her precious pet.


Mimi was gone

The first thing Pokimane did was spam call her manager, who was on vacation while Pokimane was gone. Pokimane mentioned that she didn't really know what else to do, and when she couldn't get a hold of her manager, she spoke to the apartment staff. While they were also concerned about Mimi's disappearance, they didn't have any answers either.


Since her manager still wasn't answering, Pokimane was in panic mode. She mentioned that she had no clue what to do, and the only thing she thought she could do was go to her manager's home – even though she knew her manager wasn't there.

While she was in an Uber headed towards her manager's home, Pokimane's manager called her and was just as confused to find out that Mimi wasn't at home. At this point in the story, Pokimane explained that she was getting more and more heated about everything.

Her manager called her back with the news: the person that had been feeding Mimi while Pokimane was gone had taken Mimi back to their own apartment. Apparently, Mimi wasn't eating and she was worried, so she took her home. Mimi also knocked off her collar and Airtag at some point, which is why it was lying on the floor.


Thankfully, Mimi was safe and sound and Pokimane was reunited with her fluffy cat friend quickly afterward. While the situation wasn't ideal, Pokimane did mention that the person had "good intentions," but they should've let her know they had Mimi.