Steelrising Release Date, Trailer, And Plot - What We Know So Far

Action-adventure RPG "Steelrising" unfolds in an alternate version of Paris in the year 1789. The citizens bleed under the tyrannical rule of Louis XVI, who holds the city in an iron grip via an army of automatons. As the call for revolution rings louder, the hope of the people of Paris hinges on the actions of a rogue "automaton masterpiece."


"Steelrising" is the latest game from Spiders, a French developer known for exploring unique concepts. It released "GreedFall," a third-person RPG with historical roots and colonial, New World trappings, in 2019. Though the title received mixed reviews on Metacritic, it marked a major improvement over its predecessor, "The Technomancer." Spiders continues to grow and evolve, infusing each new project with a spark of promise.

According to CEO Jehanne Rousseau, Spiders used "GreedFall" and "The Technomancer" to hone in on its creative vision. This led to a shift towards swift combat sequences and the creation of its next player character, the mysterious and agile automaton, Aegis. Ready to liberate 18th Century France? Here's what you need to know about "Steelrising."


What is the Steelrising release date?

Spiders revealed "Steelrising" in July 2020, less than a year after "GreedFall" came to storefronts. While the developer has not provided a specific release date, it offered a launch window alongside the first look at gameplay the following summer: June 2022. While it's unclear how long the title has been in development, a playtest that took place at the end of 2021 indicates it may be on track to hit the launch target.


Designed for next-gen technology, "Steelrising" will release for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Pre-orders have yet to open, but you can Wishlist the game on Steam. Want to check out Spiders' other work while you wait? Consider picking up "GreedFall: Gold Edition." The bundle includes the base game and The De Vespe Conspiracy story expansion, in addition to graphical enhancements and decreased loading times for PS5 and Xbox Series.

Is there a Steelrising trailer?

Spiders and publisher Nacon have released multiple cinematic trailers for "Steelrising," as well as a single gameplay trailer. The first, a teaser from July 2020, served as the reveal for the title, providing a moody look at the alternate French Revolution setting and clockwork heroine. A sequence titled "The Uprising" followed half a year later, detailing the heavy losses taken by the resistance at the hands of the king's merciless robots and the miracle it would take to turn the tide. Enter Aegis.


In the gameplay trailer, viewers get a glimpse of Aegis in action. The marvel of engineering takes on a host of enemies using a variety of weapons and what appear to be elemental powers. Polearms and battle fans feature, with the latter forming a shield that fends off a projectile at one point. The clip concludes at the start of a boss fight with what looks like a large automaton mage holding a flaming staff in one hand and a book in another.

What is the plot of Steelrising?

As detailed by Rousseau on the PlayStation blog and in a separate interview, "Steelrising" provides an alternate take on the French Revolution of 1789. To quell rebellion in his kingdom, King Louis XVI deploys a clockwork army, earning himself the moniker the Clockwork King. Originally created to serve as a dancer, Aegis uses her extreme agility to take on the enemy robots and protect Queen Marie Antoinette. In the process, she transforms into the driving force of the resistance.


At the behest of the queen, Aegis sets out in search of the automaton creator, Vaucanson, to stop the massacres sponsored by the mad king. Players encounter recreations of historical landmarks, such as the Grand Châtelet, as they maneuver through Paris. Vertical exploration and fast-paced battles play a key role, and you can customize Aegis through items you find in the various environments.