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The Hilarious Way Amouranth Is Getting Streamers Banned

Thanks to her participation in hot tub streams and other divisive Twitch metas, Amouranth is easily one of the most controversial streamers on the internet. Over the course of a few years (and many different bans), the content creator has built an empire that brings in over $1 million a month. Naturally, people want to know more about Amouranth, and so the businesswoman and streamer went a bit more public in a new video for the Vice series "My Life Online." Other streamers have been watching the mini doc and reacting to it, an action that has led to at least one Twitch partner being banned.


Sliker, a Twitch streamer who generally streams FPS games and IRL content, watched Amouranth's Vice documentary on his channel. The video, which contained images from Amouranth's OnlyFans account and clips of some of her controversial streams, ended up landing him a suspension.

According to a screenshot Sliker shared on Twitter, Twitch suspended him for sharing "accidental" sexual content. According to a report from Dexerto, a few other streamers have since been suspended for viewing the Amouranth doc, but Sliker is undoubtedly the most popular streamer to run into this issue. However, many fans are taking issue with the inconsistency with which Twitch is enforcing these bans.

Fans weren't happy with Sliker's ban

Fans on Twitter have argued that it doesn't seem to make sense that other streamers — like Mizkif and HasanAbi — watched the video with no problem. However, the two aforementioned streamers allegedly viewed it and skipped over the parts that they knew were overtly sexual. Another Twitter user pointed out that streamer Quin69 also showed off the entire 27-minute  Vice video and had not been hit with the banhammer — yet.


While the ban seemed a bit unfair to some, others felt like Sliker should've known what he was getting into and the potential side-effects of covering the Vice documentary. Given the nature of much of Amouranth's content, many expected her Vice video to end up showing something more risque than Twitch generally likes. Some viewers have found it ironically hilarious that Amouranth's suspension-worthy content has led to suspensions for other creators.

Despite being suspended on Twitch multiple times, Amouranth is still streaming on the platform and sharing her stories, IRL streams, and ASMR content. As she revealed in the interview with Vice, her grueling schedule definitely weighs on her, as does the criticism she received from viewers and other streamers in the community. As for Sliker, his suspension luckily only lasted for 24 hours.