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This Secret Halo Infinite Ending Has Fans On The Edge Of Their Seats

Less than a month after its launch, the campaign in "Halo Infinite" has sparked much discussion. With most critics giving the mode a positive review, the newest entry into the famed "Halo" series has provided tons of discussion points for hardcore fans of the franchise to guess at the future. The ending of "Halo Infinite" ending has been a particular hot bed of analysis and discourse, as it has left the door wide open for a sequel while still giving Master Chief something of a happy ending.


But what about the stuff gamers didn't get to see? After all, "Halo Infinite" almost looked way different than what the final product ultimately became. Due to time constraints and the desire to give players a stronger, more streamlined experience, 343 Industries cut out an estimated two-thirds of the content originally intended to be in the game. Post-release, some fans have datamined "Halo Infinite" in search of juicy cut content and have turned up something significant. 

Be warned, though — this next part contains major spoilers for "Halo Infinite." If you haven't played the game, it's probably best to turn away now.

Dataminers have found a secret mid-credits scene in Halo Infinite

At the end of "Halo Infinite," Master Chief saves humanity from The Harbinger and finds some closure in regards to his past and his failure to save Cortana. Should players beat the game on Legendary difficulty, a post-credits scene shows Banished leader Atriox — who is believed to be dead to this point — freeing the Endless, an ancient species that could possibly bring about the end of human life. But according to a recent datamine, another ending was originally meant to be presented mid-credits. However, it was ultimately cut from the game.


Posted to YouTube by user Gamecheat13, this secret ending shows pilot Fernando Esparza sleeping in his chair in a scene reminiscent of one of the game's earliest cutscenes. Esparza is suddenly awakened when the ship detects a nearby signal. Esparza is immediately joyous about the discovery, calling in Master Chief and telling him that he "won't believe" the origin of the signal, which is revealed to be emitting from a friendly USNC vessel. The two stare off as the screen cuts to black.

Despite it being cut content and perhaps non-canon, some fans have theorized that this ending could signify the return of fan favorites such as Lasky, Blue Team, or the Arbiter (according to Forbes). Time will tell if any of these theories ring true in the next installment.