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Pokimane Just Revealed Her Biggest Twitch Regret

Pokimane has had a bizarre rise to fame, eventually landing herself at the top of the streaming world. However, fans eventually came to love her because — even though she may seem perfect at first glance — she can also be quite relatable and human. Pokimane recently took some time to reflect on her streaming career while speaking to her fans, and revealed that although she's incredibly proud of how far she's come, she still has some regrets about her time on Twitch.


While chatting with her fans, Pokimane paused and said that she didn't really know how she wanted to address what she'd say next. "Essentially," she explained. "I feel like the last couple of years of my life — our lives collectively — it's just been...it's been a lot, right?" Pokimane said that she was so busy trying to get through the pandemic and various issues in her personal life that she didn't take the appropriate time to recover and reflect on the situation. She suspected that many people felt the same way about their own lives.

"For anyone else in your 20s, did you come out of the pandemic and covid feeling like, two years of my life, of like, the fun part of my life, were just stolen, just gone?" Pokimane asked her fans. She then revealed a compounding reason why she felt so strange when looking back on her streaming career.


Pokimane wants to live life

Pokimane explained that she'd never allowed herself to have a normal life and enjoy her youth because she spent so much time streaming.

"It just felt like one day I woke up and I was like BOOM, you're 25 and you feel like you haven't lived life at all," she said. "That was really difficult for me. It almost feels like in my mind I split myself up into two, and one is looking at the other and really pitying them." Poki said that when she worked closely with OfflineTV, she looked at them and saw well-adjusted people who maintained a work-life balance and lived their lives well. Then, she said, she reflected on herself and how she'd spent most of her time — since the young age of 17 — streaming. That's when she began to feel like something was missing.


In the future, Pokimane explained, she wants to travel and enjoy her time off-stream just as much as she enjoys her time with fans. She wants to prioritize taking time to work on her physical and mental health. Part of that starts at home, she said.

Pokimane is still finding herself

While browsing through her closet, Pokimane had another entirely relatable experience. "Does anyone else feel this way? By the end of the pandemic ... I looked at my closet and I was like YUCK! I feel like I relate to none of this!" Pokimane exclaimed. Fans in the comments chimed in, saying that they'd also had similar experiences. Pokimane said that she'd gotten rid of all her clothes and made a new wardrobe in response.


Poki explained that most people spend their 20s finding themselves personality and style-wise, but since so much of her 20s was spent on camera and streaming to her viewers, she didn't take the time to think about those things. Now that she's hoping to take things slower and appreciate her changing tastes.

In addition to reflecting during the pandemic, Pokimane said that some events in her streaming career left her feeling jaded. Some of it, she noted, was private and not up for discussion, but other issues have been witnessed by her fans. She said that being jaded wasn't a good way to live, and she wants to get back to a place where she feels optimistic and fresh on stream again.

Pokimane wondered what she'd be like if she didn't stream, although she tries not to separate her online and offline personalities. Thankfully, Poki's still young and still growing, taking the important steps to make herself happy.