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If You're Running Out Of PS5 Storage, Get Ready For Great News

Anyone who has been lucky enough to actually secure a PS5 during the brief moments when they are in stock may have noticed that the amount of games they can have installed on the console isn't really that large. The sad truth was revealed before the console launched that the "1 TB" SSD in the PS5 had an actual capacity 825 GB, but even less of that is usable for games, since the PS5 firmware also takes up some of the capacity. For a while after the PS5 launched, installing an SSD in the console wasn't possible, since PlayStation hadn't yet enabled the feature.


PlayStation has since allowed PS5 users to install new drives in their consoles, assuming they are fast enough to snag the elusive prize. With that feature, there are now multiple ways to add more storage to your PS5, each with its own pros and cons. Here are the ways to add additional storage to your PS5.

Installing an internal SSD on the PS5

The first option takes a little more technical skill, but the end result will be of a higher quality. The PS5 is designed for console owners to be able to open it up and install a new SSD drive, preferably one with more space than the default 825 GB. Sony provided instructions online to explain which drives are compatible and how to install the additional drive. The important information regarding the SSD is that it can only be a max of 4 TB and it needs to be an M.2 NVMe SSD, a faster variety of SSD.


It only takes a Phillips head screwdriver to crack open the PS5 and install the new drive. PlayStation Support posted an instructional video on YouTube to help guide people through the process. The end result is more storage on your PS5 that is capable of running demanding PS5 games, like "Returnal" and "Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart." The only other downside of this method is that a capable SSD is going to cost a few hundred dollars. The alternative option is a bit cheaper, but will be more inconvenient in the long run.

Using an external hard drive with the PS5

The alternative option is to purchase an external USB hard drive and plug it into your PS5. There are also some requirements for this, which includes a minimum of a SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps connection and a maximum storage of 8 TB. Only one USB hard drive can be in use at a time. The biggest downside to this method is that while you can install and store PS5 games on the external hard drive, they cannot be played until transferred to the PS5's internal storage. Alternately, PS4 games can be played and stored on the external hard drive, making it an efficient way to store older games.


Gamers can also move PS5 games between the internal drive and the external drive, which is faster than downloading games again after deleting them. As games continue to get released for the older consoles like the PS4, having an external hard drive could help save some space for those precious PS5 titles. This solution is ultimately cheaper and easier to do than installing a new SSD, but it isn't as future-proofed as adding more high speed storage.