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The Video Game You Never Knew Bob Saget Was In

Bob Saget was a comedy icon, and many people expressed just how devastating his death was when news of it break. Of course, Saget has been immortalized through his stand-up and numerous appearances in film and television, but fans may not realize he also had a place in the video game community. His solo video game role was as Barry Tuttle in "The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures."

If you've never heard of the game, don't worry. Released back in 2007 for the PC, the game's follows a family of four, with Bob Saget voicing the father of the group. While on a road trip, the titular Tuttles get completely derailed, leading to a number of wild encounters on land and under the sea. The single-player side scroller controlled very similarly to classic "Mario" games, but it also featured some really wacky elements, like Saget's character whipping out a gas canister to attack enemies. 

Though relatively obscure now, the game was well-received for its wholesome atmosphere and fun mechanics. Common Sense Media, a group that rates different forms of entertainment for children, gave the game a four out of five stars and a stamp of approval. Several other groups, including MacLife and Tech with Kids, also gave the game a four out of five stars.

In addition to the presence of Saget and solid reviews, "The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures" also boasted more A-list stars and supported an excellent charity.

The goodness behind The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures

Bob Saget's character was joined in the game by his virtual family. The characters of Barbara, Jess, and Zach were voiced by Jamie Lee Curtis, Ashley Tisdale, and Dominic Scott Kay, respectively. Rounding out the group of talent is William Shatner, Dave Thomas, and Saget's "Full House" co-star, Dave Coulier.

There was more to the game than just its great cast, however. According to Common Sense Media, "The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures" was created to raise money for Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation. The physical version of the game donated 50% of the purchase price to the Foundation and the digital version of the game donated 75%.The Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation is a group dedicated to "delivering happiness to seriously ill kids," and the group has a dedicated Gaming program that has partnered with Nintendo of America to bring "the healing power of play" to children in hospitals. 

While "The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures" is no longer available for sale digitally, there are copies of the box version floating around from third-party sellers online. These days, worth revisiting for its excellent voice cast and its place as Bob Saget's only foray into video games.