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Horizon: Call Of The Mountain PSVR 2 Release Date, Trailer, And Story - What We Know So Far

In 2017, Guerilla Games introduced players to its take on a post-apocalyptic 31st Century version of the American West through "Horizon: Zero Dawn." Born into a land overrun by machines, Aloy, an outcast and hunter, sets out to uncover the secrets of her past in the action RPG. Along the way she encounters a host of allies and enemies and uncovers a plot that will end in the destruction of the world.

"Zero Dawn" impressed players and reviewers with its compelling narrative, interesting cast of characters, and intense combat, earning an 89 on Metacritic. Bolstered by this success, publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a direct sequel in 2020: "Horizon: Forbidden West." One of a select list of games predicted to blow players away in 2022, "Forbidden West" promises to deliver new abilities, a larger map, and the next chapter in Aloy's story.

For those who can't get enough of the alternate Earth Guerilla Games created, the developer has revealed another entry in the franchise, "Horizon: Call of the Mountain," to look forward to. Here's what we've uncovered about this new experience so far.

What is the Horizon: Call of the Mountain release date?

Guerilla Games studio director Jan-Bart van Beek shared the existence of "Horizon: Call of the Mountain" on January 4 via the PlayStation Blog, mere weeks before the release of "Horizon: Forbidden West." Van Beek did not provide a release date or a launch window for "Call of the Mountain," however, a few key details offer some potential clues as to when the game might drop.

In an accompanying video, van Beek stated that Guerilla, in partnership with First Party PlayStation development studio Firesprite, had already started working on "Call of the Mountain." Though the teams had all shifted their focus to preparing for the "Forbidden West" launch, the new experience had at least entered development at some point before that. He also revealed that the groups had created the title specifically for PlayStation VR2, the next generation of Sony's virtual reality system.

Sony unveiled PSVR 2 during the 2022 CES conference. Though it offered a peak at some of the upgrades players can expect from the controllers and hardware, the release date remains unknown and could be several years away at this early stage. As the only game announced so far for the peripheral, "Horizon: Call of the Mountain" may serve as one of its launch titles. So, don't expect to see either anytime soon.

What does the trailer indicate about Horizon: Call of the Mountain?

As part of the "Horizon: Call of the Mountain" reveal, Sony and Guerilla dropped a brief teaser trailer to whet the appetites of fans. A message from Jan-Bart van Beek takes up over half of the clip, with what appears to be in-engine footage capping off the last 30 seconds. According to van Beek, "Call of the Mountain" offers a unique experience "built from the ground up" for PSVR 2 "designed to push gameplay technology and hardware innovation."

The actual footage offers a first-person view from the perspective of the game's protagonist. You get a quick glimpse of some of the new NPCs, with one man seemingly pulling some sort of bag or hood off the main character's head as the group travels down river via boat. The vessel almost drifts right into the path of one of the world's massive mechanical creatures, triggering intense music before the scene transitions to the "Horizon: Call of the Mountain" logo.

What is the Horizon: Call of the Mountain story?

Guerilla Games and Sony have shared very little about the plot of "Horizon: Call of the Mountain." Based on the PlayStation blog announcement, the PSVR 2 title will feature an entirely new protagonist. Though the narrative doesn't focus on the hunter, Aloy will make an appearance, along with a cast of fresh and returning characters. Judging by the dialogue in the teaser trailer, the title features another female lead played by an as-yet-unknown voice actor.

Where "Call of the Mountain" fits into the "Horizon" timeline remains up in the air, a situation "Forbidden West" may shed more light on following its release. The exact setting is also up for debate, though the male in the teaser mentions that the mechanical creature they encounter is "headed towards Stone's Grasp." Van Beek promised more information regarding "Call of the Mountain" would arrive "soon," including a proper introduction to the persona players experience the game through.