Homeworld 3 Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

Real-time strategy sci-fi series "Homeworld" has engrossed players since the first entry released in 1999. Known for its impressive graphics, detailed environments, diverse range of spaceships, and innovative gameplay, "Homeworld" turned the strategy genre on its head, earning a "Must-Play" designation from Metacritic. Two titles followed, as well as a numbered sequel from the developer that established the IP, Relic Entertainment, in 2003.


Though the franchise has changed hands more than once, it experienced a resurgence in 2016 with the release of "Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak," a prequel to the original game. Though not as well received as its predecessor, "Deserts of Kharak" earned a respectable Metacritic score of 79, drawing interest back to the long dormant series. With the rights now in the possession of Gearbox Software ("Borderlands," "Brother in Arms"), the company followed up the release of the prequel by announcing "Homeworld 3" in 2019, much to the delight of fans. Here's what we've learned about the RTS so far.

What is the Homeworld 3 release date?

As part of the "Homeworld 3" reveal, Gearbox launched an official Fig campaign to help fund the game's development. The campaign smashed its goal, raising over $1,500,000 and, according to developer Blackbird Interactive's CEO Rob Cunningham, setting a record for the highest "average Fig campaign contribution" the platform had seen at that time. Blackbird has kept backers updated on the team's progress in the ensuing years, in addition to providing a development timeline. Based on that roadmap, "Homeworld 3" remains in the Production Stage, with Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate, and Launch all slated to follow.


Though the follow-up has yet to make it into testing, Gearbox and Blackbird have provided prospective players with a launch target. According to the official website, "Homeworld 3" will release at some point in Q4 2022, meaning you should be able to get your hands on it between October and December of this year. Though the funding push has ended, you can pre-order the sequel on Fig, or add it to your Wishlist on Steam. In addition to a digital copy of the game, pre-ordering on Fig comes with access to the supporter-only Discord and early access to "Homeworld Mobile."

Is there a trailer for Homeworld 3?

Gearbox has shared two trailers for "Homeworld 3" — an Announce Trailer and a Gameplay First Look Trailer. The former debuted back in 2019, while the latter featured during The Game Awards 2021. Both have a runtime of about two minutes and show off what players can expect from the real-time strategy title.


Accented by moody sound design and sweeping shots of its extraplanar setting, the Announce Trailer follows a recon team consisting of three spaceships. The pilots communicate with one another as their vessels approach a glowing quantum leap gate. Brief shots of a long-haired woman (who fans will likely recognize as Karan S'jet from "Homeworld" and "Homeworld 2") connected to multiple tubes and seemingly floating in a chamber flash by, followed by the "Homeworld 3" logo.

The Gameplay First Look Trailer offers a similar atmosphere, augmented by detailed shots of several of the game's environments. Viewers also get a good look at the new and returning ship designs and a few more glimpses of Karan, the woman from the Announce Trailer. As the scenes unfold, a female voiceover ruminates on memories from the history of "Homeworld," including the Kar-Toba, the Guidestone, and the Diamond Shoals, before questioning the amount of time that has passed. "No, not so long ... but not long enough," the voice concludes on an ominous note.


What is the gameplay like in Homeworld 3?

As detailed on the official website, the events of the "true standalone game" unfold hundreds of years after "Homeworld 2." By this point, Karan and her actions have transformed more into myth than reality, though she will play a key role in saving the galaxy from a catastrophic fate tied to the failing Hyperspace gates. "Homeworld 3" promises to uphold the franchise's legacy with action on a larger scale than ever before. Players can expect space combat that rivals the most epic "Star Wars" battles, 3D terrains, and fresh environments.


Blackbird Interactive has also incorporated new features to "deepen the series' enthralling strategy gameplay." The list includes fully simulated ballistics, persistent fleets and ship scarring, battlefield communication containing valuable information, 1v1 team battles against AI or human opponents, and a "co-op mode with a roguelike twist." During fleet combat, players will have to contend with more than just enemies, but dangerous events and environmental details like particle storms.