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Atomic Heart Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

"Atomic Heart" took viewers by surprise when it dropped an odd yet stylish announcement teaser in July 2017. Set in an alternate version of the Soviet Union, the first-person shooter offers a twisted take on reality in which robots, once mass-produced to serve and assist humans, have begun to rebel against their creators. When a key research facility goes silent, the KGB sends special agent P-3 to uncover what happened and prevent a catastrophe on a global scale.


Though it evokes clear "Fallout," "Black Mirror," and "Stalker" vibes, "Atomic Heart" stands out due to its focus on exploring the peculiar history of Soviet Union. "The game world is definitely stuffed with all sorts of weird things," Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni told IGN. "The USSR was famous for its brilliant engineers and advanced research in science, while at the same time, in the atmosphere of secrecy, some research institutes could easily have spawned robots and zombies, absolutely anything." Bagratuni pointed to the Dyatlov Pass incident and the death of Leonid Brezhnev as the type of bizarre real-world events that inspired the team's exploration of the strange and the unknown.

Ready to learn more about the curious world Mundfish has created? Here's what you need to know about "Atomic Heart."


What is the Atomic Heart release date?

Mundfish has yet to share the release date for "Atomic Heart." Both the official website and Steam page list the launch as "TBA;" however, a 2021 update from the developer suggests the action-RPG could hit storefronts within the coming months.


"In general, we cannot tell you the release date right now due to a million little nuances, starting with factors beyond our control," the company shared in an updated FAQ (via Wccftech). "But you should know ... never before were we able to say 'The game is ready, now it is at the stage of polishing and final assembly.' And now, quite recently, we said this phrase – and it is true. The long wait is almost over, we promise."

A cross-gen title, players can purchase "Atomic Heart" for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It will also hit Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Is there a trailer for Atomic Heart?

Though months often pass between updates, Mundfish has not been shy about sharing "Atomic Heart" footage, with each new offering seemingly more off-the-wall than the last.

The E3 2021 trailer offers a perfect mashup of what defines the game, including quick looks at several environments, weapons, abilities, and enemy types. You also catch a glimpse of members of the supporting cast in the form of a young woman P-3 protects and an elderly woman wielding a large soup ladle.


Along the same vein, the Official Teaser #3 shows of an indoor setting featuring a balcony, mirrors, and a massive statue of a woman suspended from the ceiling. You get to see a few enemies up close, including what resembles some manner of zombie, though the bulk of the clip focuses on showing off P-3's appearance. He alternates between shooting the baddies and performing special abilities with his glove, all of which calls to mind aspects of the scene design and gameplay from Remedy Entertainment's "Control."

Learn more about the world, story, and mechanics by checking out the Official Gameplay Trailer #2, Official Gameplay Teaser #2, Official Cinematic Trailer, Official Gameplay Trailer #1, and Official Trailer #1.


What is the gameplay like in Atomic Heart?

The core gameplay loop in "Atomic Heart" consists of three main elements: combat, exploration, and crafting. As you progress through the linear story, you face a host of enemies, including an army of killer robots connected to a hivemind. These contraptions patrol both land and air, and call in reinforcements the moment they detect Major P-3. Players can use hacking and stealth to help mitigate these swarms, or fight their way through using weapons and a polymer glove tricked out with unique abilities.


P-3's search for the truth leads him to multiple test sites and research facilities that contain valuable intel. According to a Wccftech interview with Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni, "Atomic Heart" incorporates "many different biomes, with a wide range of content." A look at the official website reveals at least six different environments — Pavlov, Vavilov, VDNH, Popov, Sakhalin, and Neptune. However, the company has only shared information about Pavlov, a medical-based research complex.

Players can use the crafting system to create or modify weapons drawn from a lineup of 30+ melee and firearm options. You appear to scavenge components and ammo from the environment, with the latter in short supply. Mundfish encourages you to use strategy, study enemy behavior, and have a plan of action as you move through each area. Stealth and foresight, as opposed to brute force, may just help you win the day and avoid a grisly fate.