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Pokemon Evolutions Are About To Get Weird Forever

One of the very best parts of any "Pokémon" game is training your captured creatures until they evolve into bigger, stronger beasts. However, a new leak from the upcoming title "Pokémon Legends: Arceus" has revealed a new evolution method that changes one of the series' core functions — and it's totally weird for anyone who's played "Pokémon" games for awhile.

Noted leaker Poryleeks has since deleted "all tweets" regarding what they discovered after accessing "Pokémon Legends: Arceus" early. However, Dexerto captured their posts concerning how evolutions will differ from past games in "Pokémon Legends: Arceus." As Poryleeks wrote, "If one Pokémon has met the requirements to evolve, you'll be able to select the Evolve option when viewing the Pokémon in your satchel." Though past games allowed Pokémon players to prevent evolution using an Everstone or by hitting "B" each time a Pokémon tries to transform, this rumored change would make evolution an active choice for every player.

If this leak turns out to be accurate, it will add yet another layer of newness and complexity to "Pokémon Legends: Arceus," a game that is already looking to change the future of the franchise. In addition to taking players on a deep dive into the history of Pokémon and featuring the first-ever semi-open world experience in the franchise, "Pokémon Legends Arceus" may make it easier than ever for players to keep their Pokémon tiny and cute forever.

Leaks: Gotta Catch 'Em All

It should be noted that the above information surrounding the new method of Pokémon evolution in "Pokémon Legends Arceus" hasn't been officially revealed or confirmed by the team behind the game. However, a number of social media accounts have seen their screenshots and similar posts removed by Nintendo or Twitter, lending some legitimacy to the leaks. Some Twitter users have been harshly penalized for leaks, including popular Poke-leak account Eclipse_TT. As fellow "Pokémon" leaker CentroLeaks explained, "Nintendo is going down hard on the accounts that originally posted their own screenshots from the game."

Judging by the swift takedown of EclipseTT, Nintendo is not messing around when it comes to protecting "Arceus" players from learning too much about the game before it launches. it seems the efforts of leakers may have caught the attention of Nintendo. While Poryleeks took precautions by deleting their tweets, Nintendo's actions have ironically made more players believe in the alleged leaks than ever before.

Players will have to see for themselves whether or not the new evolutions turn out to be a part of "Pokémon Legends Arceus" when the game finally releases on Jan. 28, 2022. Until then, fans might want to surf the internet with caution, because there are currently a lot of other "Pokémon Legends Arceus" leaks and spoilers out there.