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What Happens To MIA Operators In Rainbow Six Extraction?

"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction" has finally been released after a few delays and a name change and players are finally getting to battle against the alien invasion threatening Earth. The game features up to three-person co-op action, where players jump into a mission and aim to complete three tasks of increasing difficulty. Blasting through the game with some friends should net players around 15-20 hours of playtime before they complete the final objective, but there are still plenty of operators to level up after that.


One of the main mechanics in "Rainbow Six Extraction" is that each operator has their own individual level you need to increase by taking them out on missions. The danger is that if players go down too many times, they enter a stasis mode, and cannot move. Another player in the same mission could carry them to the extraction point, but if they don't, everyone gets put into stasis mode and is considered MIA. Here's why Archaean Trees are both great and terrible.

MIA Operators need to be rescued

As detailed by Ubisoft, any operator that goes MIA becomes unavailable to play and lose a chunk of XP proportionally to their level. In order to rescue the missing operator players will need to launch a mission into the same level that the operator went MIA in and the game should automatically set the rescue of the MIA operator as one of the three tasks. In the subzone where the MIA operator is located, the operator can be found by following a beeping noise. They will be stuck inside an Archaean Tree — a growth made of the sprawl — which will require you to remove them.


As you pull the operator out of the Archaean Tree, different weak points located on the walls and ceiling around the tree will begin to open up and send attacks towards the immediate area. Players will need to shoot these weak points and the attacks in order to safely remove the operator. If you fail to rescue the missing operator, the chunk of XP is permanently lost, but the operator is returned to you anyway.