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It's Finally Time To Talk About The Halo TV Series Trailer

"Halo" fans have gotten used to waiting for the goods, and that patience keeps being rewarded in exceptional ways. After waiting through multiple delays, players finally got their hands on "Halo Infinite" in late 2021. The latest entry in the Master Chief saga has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike, with particular praise given to its multiplayer modes and small details tying it to the rest of the series. But a successful new sequel isn't the only thing that has "Halo" fans feeling the hype more than ever — they've also been waiting to get a good look at the new "Halo" TV series.


Aside from a few details that have surfaced over the last couple of years — including exciting casting decisions and the revelation that the show is in a separate continuity from the games — fans haven't been completely sure what to expect from the Paramount+ adaptation. The first teaser for the show looked promising, but it still left a number of questions. Is this show going to have the same level of style as the games? How will it feel to hear someone else's voice saying Master Chief's lines? Will Craig the Brute be there?

Well, many of those burning questions have finally been answered, as Paramount+ has just dropped the first full-length trailer for "Halo."

Master Chief begins the fight

For a two-minute trailer, this first glimpse at the new "Halo" series manages to pack in a ton of exciting visuals, world-building, and easter eggs for the fans. This early into the story, the origins of the Master Chief are kept relatively mysterious, save for the explanation that he has been programmed and altered to be the perfect soldier, one that is easily controlled by the United Nations Space Command (UNSC). After discovering a mysterious artifact, Master Chief begins to fight against his programming and see the bigger picture — and the human cost — in his war against the Covenant.


The action is spectacular and explosive throughout this trailer, showing off a number of recognizable weapons and factions from the games. Of particular interest is the opportunity to finally see one of the Covenant's deadly Energy Swords at work, wielded by a pretty convincing-looking alien. Fans of the more terrifying moments in the "Halo" games will no doubt get flashbacks of the deadly aliens known as the Flood, thanks to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of tentacles sprouting up and enveloping an unsuspecting person. This will no doubt be the kind of trailer that fans will be combing for more clues as the series draws closer.

Aside from those exciting tidbits, fans get their first looks at the supporting cast, which includes Master Chief's fellow soldier Soren-066 (Bokeem Woodbine), renegade scientist Dr. Catherine Halsey (Natasha McElhone), a young woman named Quan Ah (Yerin Ha), and a human raised by the Covenant, Makee (Charlie Murphy). And of course, the trailer saved the best for last, unveiling Cortana, Master Chief's iconic A.I. companion, who is voiced by the character's longtime video game performer, Jen Taylor.


Paramount+ is sure to release more looks at "Halo" as the series draws closer, but fans on Twitter are already responding positively to this first trailer. "Halo" premieres March 24.