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The Best Wordle Tips To Help You Solve The Daily Puzzle

"Wordle" is the chill and simple game that's taken over the internet, and by the looks of things, it's here to stay. Players love taking their six attempts at the daily word almost as much as they love sharing the game's color-coded tiles all over Twitter to let the world know how they did. The fact that "Wordle" is totally free to play makes it all the more enticing.

While "Wordle" is a straightforward game, it shouldn't be mistaken for an easy one. Even as the game keeps players updated on their success with green tiles for a valid daily word letter in the right spot, yellow tiles for a valid letter in the wrong spot, and gray for a wrong letter, there's plenty of room for error whether through bad luck, rushing, overconfidence, or a total lack of strategy.

While the element of chance and a limited number of guesses makes "Wordle" perfection nearly impossible, there are viable strategies that can set players up for success. In addition to concrete skills "Wordle" guessers can employ, incorporating patience, practice, and thoroughness can totally turn one's game around. The following set of tips will help "Wordle" fans gain a competitive edge so their next set of squares shared on social media can secure some well-deserved bragging rights.

Strategically Choose Your Starting Word

The starting word in "Wordle" sets a roadmap for the rest of the game, albeit a very short one. In fact, it's the short duration of the game that makes it all the more important to use guesses strategically. Starting off with words that contain common letters in strategic placements can help. Considering both common letters as well as letter positions in English words can really help players take advantage of their narrow guessing window.

While using starting words with reported success will provide a leg up in "Wordle," it's important to know what to do with the information the starting word provides. For example, ADIEU may help identify or eliminate vowels, while SOARE offers a balanced variety of letters that could provide helpful leads for future guesses (per CNET and Inverse).

There's no need to overthink the starting word, but knowing enough about what letters are most important to screen could help players avoid using a word like PIZZA, which has two spaces filled by an uncommon letter. It's also important for players to remember that all the information provided through the starting words can be helpful, as even five gray squares is helpful in ruling out some common letters.

Use A Notepad

Whether classic pen and paper or digital, a notepad is a "Wordle" player's best friend. While it's easy to rush through one's six daily guesses to get to the right word, it's important to consciously consider different options and think things through to get the most of each guess. "Wordle" makes knowing which letters are off the table easy with its color-coded tile system that's shown in both the guessing rows and the QWERTY keyboard format beneath them. However, some players might benefit from shuffling things up a bit.

A notepad can be a great tool to slow players down and encourage them to write out a few different guesses or scramble up letters in new formats. Some players might better think of new words by listing out available letters in alphabetical order, while others may find a vowel bank to be particularly valuable.

On top of the immediate benefits to one's daily guess, a "Wordle" notepad can serve as a history of what worked and what didn't so that players can refine their strategy and keep trying new things. When there's even a hint of doubt, "Wordle" players should spell out as many words as possible by considering multiple letter combinations before spending a guess. Thinking of guesses as currency can also help players better commit to a budgeting mindset.

Get Your Reps In

As is the case with many other games, practice is the key to success in "Wordle." Forbes recommends that players sharpen their skills by supplementing their daily "Wordle" guess with rounds of other similar word games whether digital, tabletop, or otherwise. Not sure where to start?  There are plenty of great games like "Wordle" that can help players practice their vocabulary skills. 

On top of using other games to enhance one's "Wordle" skills, players can up their game even more by simply keeping an eye out for five-letter words in their everyday lives. Ordering at the drive-thru? Fries, sauce, drink. Doing your laundry? Sudsy, pants, coins. In the long run, building up a solid vocabulary and a knack for word association and letter scrambling will make a big difference in "Wordle." The more creative the practice process, the more creative the guesses will be for the daily word.

Most games don't give players the chance to level up overnight, but every 24 hours is a new chance to win "Wordle" with these pointers.