Every Gen 2 Pokemon Missing From Pokemon Legends: Arceus

"Pokemon Legends: Arceus" has finally appeared in the wild, showing how the series could be changing forever. The new title features bigger open regions, where players can find Pokemon wandering freely without needing to run through tall grass. It also introduces crafting, stealth, and dodge rolling to the turn-based series. While series staples, like the chance to find shiny Pokemon in the wild, returned for this entry, it's still missing a few things.


The biggest thing absent from "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" is, well, Pokemon. The game does not feature a complete national Pokedex, instead including a limited selection of Pokemon. Because "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" takes place in a feudal version of the Sinnoh region, all of the Pokemon from Gen 4 are present. However, other generations filled with iconic Pokemon are missing some familiar faces. There are over 100 Gen 1 Pokemon missing in "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" and it's a similar case for the iconic pocket monsters of Gen 2.

Cyndaquil is the only Gen 2 starter in the game

Unlike Gen 1, Gen 2 has at least some representation when it comes to its three starting Pokemon. While Chikorita and Totodile are both tragically missing from the game, Cyndaquil is in "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" as one of the three starting Pokemon. Similar to other games in the series, if you don't pick Cyndaquil as your starter you will probably have to wait until pretty late in the game to scoop one up, but it is possible to obtain all three starting Pokemon.


While Cyndaquil is in "Pokemon Legends: Arceus," once you fully evolve them, you might notice something different about Typhlosion. "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" features the Hisiu version of Typhlosion, who features some purple detailing as a Fire/Ghost type Pokemon instead of just being a Fire-type. Unfortunately, if you are feeling nostalgic for the Johto version of Typhlosion, you're all out of luck, because that version of Typhlosion is not in "Pokemon Legends: Arceus."

No Gen 2 legendary Pokemon

Just like Gen 1, Gen 2 also does not have a single Legendary Pokemon in "Pokemon Legends: Arceus." This means that Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Lugia, and Ho-Oh are all missing from the latest entry. On top of that, Gen 2's single Mythical Pokemon, Celebi, is also missing. As for why these legendary beasts are missing, the answer could be simple. Those Pokemon might not be native to the region. 


In addition to being set earlier in the "Pokemon" timeline — meaning that some Pokemon might not exist yet — some creatures simply aren't native to Hisiu and might not have made their way there yet. Every Pokemon obtainable in the game is present in the Hisiu region, and since there is supposed to only be one of each Legendary Pokemon, it wouldn't make much sense for them to not be in Johto. Regardless, it's still disappointing to see iconic Pokemon like Lugia and Suicune get left out of this exciting new "Pokemon" title.

Every other Gen 2 Pokemon Missing from Pokemon Legends Arceus

Besides the starters and Legendary Pokemon, there is an additional 55 Gen 2 Pokemon not present in "Pokemon Legends: Arceus."

  • Sentret

  • Furret

  • Hoothoot

  • Noctowl

  • Ledyba

  • Ledian

  • Spinarak

  • Ariados

  • Chinchou

  • Lanturn

  • Igglybuff

  • Natu

  • Xatu

  • Mareep

  • Flaaffy

  • Ampharos

  • Bellossom

  • Marill

  • Azumarill

  • Politoed

  • Hoppip

  • Skiploom

  • Jumpluff

  • Sunkern

  • Sunflora

  • Wooper

  • Quagsire

  • Slowking

  • Wobbuffet

  • Girafarig

  • Pineco

  • Forretress

  • Dunsparce

  • Snubbul

  • Granbull

  • Johto Qwilfish

  • Shuckle

  • Slugma

  • Magcargo

  • Corsola

  • Delibird

  • Skarmory

  • Houndour

  • Houndoom

  • Kingdra

  • Phanpy

  • Donphan

  • Smeargle

  • Tyrogue

  • Hitmontop

  • Smoochum

  • Miltank

  • Larvitar

  • Pupitar

  • Tyranitar