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Gord - What We Know So Far

Adventure strategy game "Gord" unfolds in a dark fantasy setting that draws on Slavic folklore. In this grim world, players must safeguard and manage their titular gord as it grows from a humble encampment for the Tribe of the Dawn into a fortified settlement. Dangerous creatures, rival groups, and unknowable entities stand between your people and survival as you set out into procedurally generated scenarios to complete quests and other objectives. Meanwhile, death, disease, and despair threaten your budding stronghold from within, as the physical and mental health of your settlers rests on your shoulders.


Unveiled in 2021, "Gord" will serve as the flagship IP for Polish developer Covenant. Though a new studio, Covenant boasts experienced talent drawn from throughout the industry, with former "The Witcher 3" producer Stan Just serving as founder and CEO. The 24-person team also includes alumni from 11 bit studios, CD Projekt Red, and Flying Wild Hog. The company already distinguished itself as one of the 'Best Workplaces in Poland' in 2021, and has teamed up with publisher Team17 Digital to bring its intense, lore-rich experience to life.

As you might expect given the staff's work history, "The Witcher" series served as a key influence for "Gord," though it seeks to distinguish itself through an emphasis on fear and psychology. You can also find touches of "Northgard," Darkest Dungeon," and "RimWorld." In the market for a brutal real-time strategy game? Take a look at the other details we've uncovered about "Gord" so far.


Gord release date, platform, runtime, and modes

Though Covenant and Team17 Digital have yet to provide a release date, the Steam listing indicates that "Gord" will launch at some point in 2022. Console players hoping to build their own settlement are out of luck — "Gord" is only headed to PC, and the companies have not shared plans to port it to other systems. Those looking for a middle ground might consider picking up a Steam Deck when they finally hit the market, which will (theoretically) allow you to take "Gord" on the go.


According to the official FAQ, "Gord" offers two game modes: a story-driven campaign and Custom Scenarios. The campaign takes about 10-20 hours to beat depending on your playstyle. Each Custom Scenario can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, with players selecting their own objective and combination of variables. If you hit your stride during one of these sessions, Covenant indicated you could continue playing even after satisfying the main objective.

Gameplay, Sanity, and combat in Gord

"Gord" combines several elements to create its core gameplay experience: real-time strategy, survival, exploration, and quests. A psychological component runs throughout these aspects, manifesting most strongly in the title's Sanity system. Beyond protecting the physical health of their subjects, the player must also tend to their emotional wellbeing. Grief and prolonged exposure to darkness or the horrors of warfare can have devastating mental consequences, while a night out at the Meadery or a simple lit torch can help boost morale.


For added variety and depth, Covenant also incorporated a combat system into "Gord." All subjects can fight or defend themselves, though battles primarily center on specialized units like spearmen and archers. Units and enemies boast two types of attacks, in addition to special attacks, abilities, and buffs. As the game progresses, players gain the option to cast powerful spells, providing significant strategic advantages during encounters.