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JiDion Continues Backtracking On Pokimane Drama

In a situation that nearly led to her retiring from streaming forever, prominent Twitch streamer Pokimane faced a hate raid organized by Twitch partner JiDion. This occurred in the aftermath of her temporary Twitch ban, with JiDion calling for his viewers to post "L + Ratio" in her chat and to harass individual members of her chat. The raid led to many hateful and misogynistic comments being left in Pokimane's Twitch chat log, causing Twitch to issue a two-week suspension to JiDion, which later became a permanent ban. But while the situation has gotten uglier in some ways — such as when Ninja's wife, Jessica Blevins, threatened legal action against Pokimane for mentioning that Ninja offered to help JiDion reverse his ban — it seems that JiDion has continued to walk back his call to action against Pokimane.


In a video posted to YouTube a few weeks ago, JiDion issued a formal apology to Pokimane and also called for his followers to leave her alone. Pokimane later accepted his apology, saying that she hoped he "does better" in the future. Some two weeks later, it seems that JiDion has tried to stick to that.

JiDion has once again told his followers to leave Pokimane alone

In light of Pokimane still receiving hate from portions of his audience weeks after he apologized, JiDion addressed his Twitter followers on January 31. "To my boys I appreciate y'all and I know y'all think what [you're] doing is helping but it's only causing more problems," JiDion tweeted. "Please leave [Pokimane] alone and just drop it because I've moved on and y'all should to. If you rock with me you'll listen[.]" For the most part, it seems many of JiDion's fans were unaware that people were even still concerned with the supposed feud between the two streamers, at least if the comments are anything to go by.


For his part, JiDion has tried to make his case for a reinstatement on Twitch. "I feel that Twitch should keep my 14-day suspension, especially for a first-time offense, and not let outside factors determine [it]," JiDion said on his ban in a video posted to Twitter. "What I did was wrong, but how am I supposed to do better the next time if I never get a next time?" Despite this plea and his continued calls to his fanbase to back off of Pokimane, it seems that JiDion will remain banned from Twitch for the foreseeable future.