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Streamers Confirm What We All Suspected About Markiplier

It's impossible to deny just how popular Markiplier is — his stunning transformation over the years has brought his YouTube channel to over 31 million subscribers. He's consistently made content since 2012, taking very few breaks as he's focused on his devoted audience and his career as a YouTube star (even though he's gotten seriously hurt playing VR games along the way).


Because of his occupation, a lot of Markiplier's recent life has been on the camera. Fans have seen him go through tragic times and celebrations aline, and they've seen his friendships evolve and change over time. Fans have even watched him go from bright-colored hair to long, shaggy hair in a radical physical transformation.

Many streamers have spoken about Markiplier and their experiences with him in real life when the cameras aren't rolling. Considering Mark often collaborates with other streamers, it makes sense for them to have opinions on the massive YouTuber. And the consensus? Most people seem to think Mark's pretty much the same stand-up guy both on and off the screen.

Ethan's inspired by Markiplier's hard work

While Markiplier has worked with a ton of streamers in the past, Ethan from CrankGameplays may be one of the most common faces fans have seen on his channel. The two have done a lot together, from the year-long (and archived) "Unus Annus" videos to just goofing around together. However, despite the fact that everything's all giggles between them, Ethan's spoken about just how passionate Mark is about his career.


In one of the "Unus Annus" videos, Ethan and Mark had a heart-to-heart, and Ethan explained that he wouldn't be where he was as a person if it wasn't for Mark. And he didn't just mean it in an "oh wow, the success of your channel inspires me kind of way," but instead went in-depth about how Mark's drive and passion and "seeing how much [Mark's] willing to give up" inspired him.

Markiplier had one of the most wholesome reactions to the compliment, even letting a few tears fall. His hard work hasn't gone unnoticed on his channel or in his day-to-day life, and the validation from Ethan was clearly an emotional moment for the streamer.

Nadeshot experienced Markiplier's awkwardness firsthand

Markiplier's content is meant to be funny, and occasionally, that humor is rooted in awkwardness. For Mark, that awkwardness seems to extend out into the real world a bit as fellow streamer Nadeshot explained to CouRage and Valkyrae during "The CouRage and Nadeshot Show."


Nadeshot used to live in the same apartment complex as Markiplier, and the two encountered each other in the elevator at one point. Nadeshot, excited to see Mark, wanted to get to know his fellow neighbor and streamer, so he tried inviting Mark out for drinks and even name-dropped another streamer, CaptainSparklez, that both streamers were close to.

Nothing really worked, and in the end, Markiplier and Nadeshot parted ways with no future plans to hang out. Nadeshot believed that he just "caught [Mark] off guard" with his friendly advances, but it definitely showed Mark's awkward side when he's not prepared for human interaction — something many people can probably relate to all too well.

PewDiePie and Markiplier's evolving relationship

Markiplier seems to be very close to a lot of people. He made it through his early YouTube days with other stars like PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye, and he's close with a number of other streamers who have made appearances on his channel. In fact, fellow streamer Tyler Scheid is a grade school friend from Markiplier's pre-fame days.


PewDiePie and Mark were seen quite often online together, but as the years passed and they both grew as content creators, PewDiePie confirmed that the two drifted apart. However, Mark continued being a good friend to his fellow YouTube, helping him out in a subscriber war back in 2017.

PewDiePie also confirmed that there wasn't any bad blood between the two and that their content just started going in "different directions." It wasn't like they had a bad falling out, and the two still respect each other. In the intervening years, it looks like Mark still has Pewds' back when things get hairy.

Jacksepticeye knows that Markiplier's a masochist

Markiplier and Jacksetpiceye go way back, and Jacksepticeye has jokingly discussed whether or not Markiplier is a masochist. There's been plenty of discourse on the internet on Mark's masochistic ways, and Jack added to the discussion.


Jacksepticeye said that he's very certain that Mark's a masochist. However, Jack explained that Mark's in denial about it and that all of his actions show his masochistic ways all the time. He did note that Markiplier could just be an "adrenaline junkie."

Jack pointed to a time the two were streaming when Mark wanted to talk about pain and even asked his fellow streamer to punch him. In the same stream, Mark also talked about how he knows his "pain barrier" and that he "likes pushing that."

Of course, the discussion is all in jest, but the two have to be pretty close to joke around with each other like this. Jacksepticeye also discussed Markiplier's frequent collaborator Ethan, musing over whether making videos with a masochist also makes you one.