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These Pokemon Unite Leaks Aren't Adding Up

When "Pokemon Unite" was first released, there was a ton of controversy surrounding it. Many people had an issue with the items in the game, questioning whether the game was actually pay-to-win. There was also an issue with bots ruining the game, and adults noticed that there were several inconsistencies in the MOBA-style game compared to other "Pokemon" titles. However, despite the problems, the game is thriving.People have also been able to leak new things coming to the game, such as Dragonite's release in December 2021. Another "leak" that's had fans spinning is actually from the "Pokémon Unite" team itself.


Fans on Reddit were discussing a potential leak that came from a Facebook page for "Pokémon Unite" that potentially showed off some new Pokémon licenses coming to the game soon: Wobbuffet, Blaziken, and Gallade. However, one of these licenses is a bit problematic, and Reddit was quick to jump in and start theorizing potential solutions.

The problem with Gallade

While Wobbuffet seemed like a questionable choice, and Blaziken a realistic one, many people had an issue with Gallade. The Pokemon evolves from Ralts, who actually already exists in the game. Ralts is a Pokemon that has two different evolutions: Gardevoir and Gallade. Gardevoir has been in "Pokemon Unite," and as it stands the game doesn't allow you to have two of the same Pokemon on a team. Considering that Gardevoir and Gallade would be different Pokemon once they evolve in the match, people are wondering how this would work in the game and even in the Pokemon selection part of the game.


There were several theories thrown out about how the game could handle Gallade's arrival, including some ideas about visual changes that could signify whether someone picked Gardevoir or Gallade, which players could do before a game starts to avoid the "double Pokemon" problem.

The idea of a brand new evolution mechanic was brought up as well, which could result in Gallade's Ralts having different abilities than Gardevoir's Ralts. Another user explained that the game could add him in as a character without an evolution, similar to Lucario who's already in the game.

No matter what happens, "Pokemon Unite" might run into the same problem with future Pokemon, so the way it handles Gallade might be a sign of what's to come.