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This Twitch Streamer's RFLCT Parody Is Turning Heads

Valkyrae's RFLCT skincare line, designed to block blue light, was controversial from the start. Due to questionable, inconclusive research around the supposed "dangers" of blue light and the products themselves, Valkyrae was glad to wash her hands of the short-lived partnership and join her fans in their critiques.

Things took a turn on Feb. 2 when apparent RFLCT clone called Screen Break was announced by TikTok star Addison Rae. The resemblance between the products, not to mention the names of the content creators involved with them, were so glaring that Valkyrae herself couldn't help but tweet that she "wouldn't be surprised if it's the same company" behind Screen Break.

Naturally, plenty of memes have emerged around the topic, including a hilarious parody of the glaring similarities between the blue light skincare lines by Twitch streamer AnnieFuchsia. While many not well-versed in the art of sarcasm have misinterpreted AnnieFuchsia's fake ad as an actual ScreenBreak promotion, the rest of her fans got a kick out of the well-executed bit during her stream the other day.

AnnieFuchsia's poignant Screen Break parody

AnnieFuchsia started off her Screen Break parody by accidentally confusing the names of the stars behind the twin products: "I have been well prepared... My friend Valky, she hooked me up... I mean Addison, not Valky, sorry." She then proceeded to pull out a box of RFLCT products and a sheet of blank stickers, frantically peeling and labeling to cover the RFLCT branding with the hand-written words "Screen Break." Still fully in character, AnnieFuchsia appeared frazzled as she noted, "We need to edit that part out."

AnnieFuchsia continued to poke fun at the apparent distinction between RFLCT — a product geared towards gamers like Valkyrae — and Screen Break, a nearly-identical product targeted at phone and laptop users. Showcasing the products with major influencer energy, she explained that the products are "perfect for all the time you spend in front of the monitor... I mean sorry, it's no longer for gamers... you don't own a PC, of course, you're not a gamer!" 

For anyone still confused, she answered a fan question about whether or not she was joking by saying, "No, I'm totally sincere." Of course, it wasn't long until she broke out in laughter.

Aside from those who missed her clear mockery of the copycat product, AnnieFuchsia said she thinks that the situation "has been quite funny" and she's enjoyed "lots of memes." However, she did note that she felt the whole Screen Break enterprise seemed "very scammy." She also made sure to point out that she was not "roasting" Valkyrae.