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The Weird Trick You Never Knew Markiplier Could Do

Even for fans who have been following him for a long time, there are still some surprises left to learn about YouTuber Markiplier. The content creator has a growing laundry list of intriguing facts about him, including his college background, his fear of dolls, and the many zany things he does for videos — like staring at a banana for 5 minutes in contemplation. Fans are also well-aware of the struggles Markiplier has faced in life with his family, his health, and even his personal relationships with other gamers like PewDiePie.


Markiplier isn't at all shy in sharing his life with his fans, both the good and the bad. With his humorous attitude, he's got a knack for turning negatives into positives, like the time in 2016 when he got seriously injured while playing VR tennis. Even when hurt, Markiplier still gave the game a good review. More recently in 2021, Markiplier turned another one of his multiple injuries over the course of his career into a meme, claiming on Twitter that his broken foot in 2021 would "tank his wikifeet score."

With all the random ways he keeps his fans entertained, combined with his resilience, it's fair to say Markiplier is fast on his feet. However, many might not realize those feet can literally do a 180 in a shocking yet amusing party trick.


Markiplier Can Walk With His Feet Backwards

In a Dec. 25, 2016 "Cringemas" video featuring PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, Emma Blackery, KickThePj, and of course, Markiplier himself, fans got a glimpse at a very interesting hidden talent the star has: walking with his feet backward.


As all the fun and games were beginning just two minutes into the festive half-hour video, Markiplier hopped up on a couch and flipped both of his feet to point backwards as his fellow streamer friends yelled in surprise. With his knees pointing outwards and his toes facing behind him, Markiplier sang himself a little tune as he bent his contorted legs up and down, adding some celebratory arm flails for effect.

Coming off the couch with his feet still flipped around as his audience continued their many gasps, Markiplier danced around and explained that he was doing "an Irish jig." Though it seems like it'd be painful to flip one's feet around, Markiplier was all smiles as he demonstrated his unique and slightly disconcerting trick. He didn't even break a sweat returning his feet back into their proper place.


It's not every day people see someone swap the position of their heels and toes. As if walking wasn't impressive enough, the fact that Markiplier was full-on dancing with his feet in such an unusual twist is truly mind-blowing.

Following Markiplier's Footsteps

The "Cringemas" video wasn't the only time Markiplier's foot trick has been captured. In fact, it's become a sort of easter egg fans in the know are keeping an eye out for.

An early documentation of Markiplier and his backwards feet was captured by a fan at PAX East in 2014. Casually chilling and smiling with his twisted soles beneath him, Markiplier even ended the trick with a smooth hop to get him back into a more classic foot position. A similar occurrence took place at VidCon 2015. While chatting with his fans, Markiplier bid them adieu as he quickly hobbled away with his feet turned around. The happy-go-lucky hop-run was reminiscent of "Crash Bandicoot" with a quite literal twist.


Markiplier's silly stride has kept popping up since then. A photo shared by fellow streamer NightsatKendalls shared in 2020 caught yet another instance of the foot trick at VidCon 2015. A fan caught another shot of Markiplier doing a slightly more subtle version of the gag while wearing a white suit, which somehow makes it all the more hilarious. Finally, Markiplier even performed his signature move in a promotional photo for clothing brand Cloak. Clearly, he's keeping his fans on their toes.

Markiplier's Foot Trick Explained

By now, fans have likely fallen into one of two camps: impressed but unsettled by Markiplier's flexible footwork, or so impressed they're trying to do the trick themselves. A quick disclaimer: there's no saying whether or not this trick is safe to try at home. But, for those who just can't resist, a few fans have broken down the maneuver and offered some tips.


Joiemoie on YouTube uploaded a tutorial that advises foot trick hopefuls to start against a wall while turning their feet out. It is recommended to have someone help by kicking the attempter's foot out once it's past the 90-degree mark, which can only be described as a high risk, high reward strategy. Years after the original tutorial, Joemoie uploaded a new version specifically targeting fans of Markiplier's foot trick and walk combined, advising fans to walk quickly to keep their feet backward since it's easy for them to flip forwards while in motion.

Others with Markiplier's ability have claimed Guinness World Record titles for the trick, including a British teen who feels "no pain" from the maneuver. There's also Mr. Elastic Man, who's able to perform his pain-free stunt due to an injury he experienced as a teen which consequently strengthened cartilage in his leg joints. Since Markiplier broke his foot in 2021, it will be interesting to see if he keeps up his trick and how the injury helps or hinders him in the process. There's no knowing what other fun tricks Markiplier might have up his sleeves, or, in this case, up his socks.