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The Oldboy Easter Egg You Missed In Sifu

"Sifu" has been getting a ton of attention from both gaming fans and martial arts lovers alike. The beat 'em up RPG saw a ton of positive feedback from critics because of its constant tributes to the best kung fu films in history. Some of these are more apparent than others, and fans may have missed one specific Easter egg referencing the Korean revenge drama "Oldboy."


"Oldboy" is a cult classic South Korean film from the early 2000s that's actually part of a trilogy. "Oldboy," and the rest of the trilogy, uses dark humor and intense fighting to tell tales of revenge and martial arts. While "Sifu" doesn't follow the same shocking plot, it does heavily lean on themes of revenge, like many martial arts movies. But "Sifu" took made its influences known with one Easter egg that brought the world of "Oldboy" into the game. Considering "Oldboy" is a critically acclaimed film and "Sifu" was inspired by the same type of cinema, fans are pretty sure it was intentional.

The corridor in Oldboy

One iconic scene from "Oldboy" shows the main character, Oh Dae-Su, fighting his way through a corridor that's filled with enemies in an impressive side-angle shot that's parallel with the floor. At the end of the hallway, an elevator opens up with even more people coming to join the battle, which Dae-Su takes care of. The scene resembles a sidescrolling video game, and has become a favorite amongst fans.


In "Sifu," there's a hallway fighting scene that looks just like this. The player goes through a lengthy corridor, fighting enemies left and right with the same camera angle from "Oldboy." As if that's not convincing enough, the walls are painted the exact same color — light blue with a darker blue on the bottom.

One YouTuber, Supreme Slice, even captured an over-the-shoulder shot in "Sifu" at the end of the fight that matches perfectly with an over-the-shoulder shot from "Oldboy." It's a clear, well-executed tribute for the most dedicated kung fu film fans to enjoy.