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The Dead Island Easter Eggs You Missed In Dying Light 2: Stay Human

After many years of waiting for parkour, survival and zombie slaying, players can finally dive into Techland's sequel for "Dying Light." While many fans are sure to want to jump right into the critically praised action, there's plenty of other attractions players can seek out in "Dying Light 2: Stay Human." From a ridable bike to several cheeky references to pop culture, players will find the world in "Dying Light 2: Stay Human" offers plenty of references to real-life and even a few nods to Techland's previous games.


Out of all the "Dying Light 2: Stay Human" Easter eggs players can come across, a couple related to the developer's break-out title "Dead Island" can be easily missed by players. Not only that, but the two Easter eggs are found during the same mission early in the game, so it's easy for players to pass right by them and never even notice. While one's a little easier to find than the other, both aren't exactly obvious if players aren't investigating every nook and crevice of the title. Here are the "Dead Island" Easter eggs that players probably missed in "Dying Light 2: Stay Human."

Where Are The Dead Island Easter Eggs In Dying Light 2: Stay Human?

During the Pilgrim's Path opening mission in "Dying Light 2: Stay Human," Spike will take players into an abandoned mansion where players will be able to explore and interact with various items to learn more about the state of the world. Among the knick-knacks and other points of interest, players can find the first direct reference to "Dead Island" in the form of a record player. If players investigate said record player, the character will identify a vinyl and say, "'Who Do You Voodoo?' Sounds familiar..." Players will then be treated to an instrumental version of the very same song.


A little further along in Pilgrim's Path — just about at the end of the mission — players can spot a beautiful vista overlooking the water in a forested area. If players take a closer look around, a peculiar island can be seen sitting alone in the water, adorned with an out-of-place palm tree. Not only that, but a scrutinizing inspector can also identify what looks like a body hanging from the tree by a rope. 

To a "Dead Island" fan, these references might already be as clear as day, but to those less experienced with Techland's previous zombie games, they might require a little explanation. 

What Do The Dead Island Easter Eggs Mean?

The first "Dead Island" Easter egg players can encounter is actually a callback to the title's opening cutscene. In the game's opening moments, players see a tropical party turn into a nightmare through the eyes of someone that's had far too much to drink. Amidst a first-person POV depiction of someone stumbling around and attempting to dance with anyone unlucky enough to be close by, the intro scene of "Dead Island" shows player character and fictional rapper Sam B performing his hit song, "Who Do You Voodoo, B****?" Throughout the opening scene, players see glimpses of other party goers falling ill or one-off zombie attacks, setting the stage for the state of the game that followed.


The other "Dead Island" reference is a little more on the nose. The island bearing a palm tree with a hanged body is a recreation of the "Dead Island" logo. The logo had persisted for both the original "Dead Island" and its followup, "Dead Island: Riptide." Now, almost a decade later, the imagery may not be as apparent to every player.

The team at Techland has clearly still has a lot of love for the "Dead Island" series, as evidenced by the time and effort spent to place homages to the franchise in "Dying Light 2: Stay Human." While these little nods don't offer any answers about the elusive "Dead Island 2," it's still worth taking the time to find.