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How To Get Finger Guns In Dying Light 2

While players are expected to spend a good amount of time completing the story of "Dying Light 2," that time can be stretched out as gamers explore its wide open world, which seems to have surprises around every corner. Players have found plenty of easter eggs in the game, including one "Resident Evil" easter egg that's easy to miss. There's also another fun little secret that gives players a seriously bizarre weapon: finger guns.


In "Dying Light 2," players can actually find a blueprint that lets them use their hands for shooting zombies instead of parkour. The weapon is officially called "The Left Finger of gloVa," a reference to Techland's Bartosz "gloVa" Kulon, who was credited as Lead Programmer on the original "Dying Light," as well as Programming Lead on "Dead Island" (via MobyGames).

The blueprint for these finger guns isn't exactly easy to get, but here's how you go about adding it to your arsenal.

Getting the finger guns blueprint

Before you can do anything to obtain the finger gun blueprint, you'll need to have the grapple hook first, which is obtained through the main storyline.

Once you've got the grappling hook, you'll want to head to the top of the VNC Tower in order to get to the safehouse. From the top, you'll want to look toward the southwest. There will be several towers you can get to, but the correct one is the one with the large lightning rod pointing straight in the air. Once you get there, you'll need to plug in a few different power sources in order to open a door to access the rest of the building.


As the door opens, there will be an enemy to kill. As YouTuber such HarryNinetyFour and Idicus have demonstrated, your best solution for taking out this large Infected is to do it from a distance. After that, head to the back room and find the bedroom. Sitting on the bed triggers an event that spawns lightning and an abnormal amount of teddy bears. After that's over, the Legendary blueprint will be hanging on the wall with a Techland poster.