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Why Sifu's Focus Attacks Are Crucial To Your Success

Martial arts revenge epic "Sifu" is already well-known for its difficulty. While critics have praised the game, many have pointed out just how brutal the constant combat can be. Careful planning and strategic use of moves are extremely important, and the game gives you several different ways to learn from and take down enemies.


The game includes a unique death mechanic that can instantly revive the player at the cost of taking more damage for the rest of the game – however, the player's skills will also evolve, so it's a rough balancing system. Dying too many times can really make the game a grueling endeavor. However, there's a sweet spot for every player to find that dishes out more damage without making the game feel impossible.

It's important for players to master the game's Focus attacks. These are pretty crucial when it comes to pushing through the game's more overwhelming segments for a variety of reasons, particularly the level of crowd control they offer.

Why Focus attacks are important

While it's natural to want to rush in and start dishing out damage, "Sifu" doesn't let you get away with constantly button-mashing to take out your opponents. The game's intricate combat system requires a bit more finesse, and Focus attacks can help players to stay alive longer.


Focus attacks allow players to slow down time enough to strategically hit specific points on the opponent's body with any kind of weapon. These skills that can be unlocked as the player progresses through the game. Not only can Focus attacks deal high amounts of damage, they can also provide some much-needed crowd control. Enemies can be knocked back in various ways, which in turn interrupts any attacks that they might be getting ready to use. This buys the player time to chain multiple attacks back-to-back, which is invaluable during scenes like the "Oldboy"-inspired corridor fight.

This is a much more efficient way to deal a ton of damage without getting hit, and it can make a massive difference in a run-through of "Sifu."