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The Sifu Mission That Half Of Players Can't Finish

"Sifu," the martial arts video game that pays homage to "Oldboy" and other kung-fu films,  is notoriously difficult. There are some tips and tricks that are helpful for starting the game out, but the game is going to be difficult no matter what. While "Sifu" was beloved by critics across the board, that doesn't mean everyone is having a smooth experience working their way through the game. 

The game's unique death mechanics and complex balancing systems give players a ton of options when it comes to trying to beat enemies and exact revenge. However, while the options are great, they don't necessarily make the game any easier — there's not some secret combination that can take all the enemies out, for example. Players have to rely on their own technical skills and good old-fashioned practice in order to progress through the game.

Players are struggling with this, though. In fact, there's one mission in particular that over half the player base hasn't been able to complete, and it's surprisingly early in the game.

The second Sifu boss, Sean

According to PSNProfiles, a site that keeps a record of PlayStation trophies, only 47% of players have been able to get past the second boss in "Sifu." Sean, as described by Techraptor, fights with a staff that has some pretty great reach, which some players might find difficult to avoid. In fact, the site explained that he can even cancel some of his move animations, making him quite the difficult opponent.

Additionally, there's not too much laying around in the boss fight area where Sean is for players to grab and use, which could be problematic for players that may have put more practice into fighting with weapons. Focus attacks are crucial to taking Sean down, but it seems like players are still struggling to defeat him.

Dan Allen Gaming on YouTube had some tips and tricks to help players get past the clubbing, including certain Unlockables that are particularly helpful against Sean's attacks.