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Destiny 2 Glitch Ruins The End Of The Season

Just for a second, imagine that you have been playing a game for the entirety of a season. You and your friends have been able to defeat all of your foes and complete all the challenges set for you, with the end goal of being given some narrative closure — and a sneak peek at what's next — at the end of the road. Then, to you and your buddies' dismay, that ending is completely ruined due to a technical error. This is exactly what happened for many players at the end of the current season of "Destiny 2," "Season of the Lost."

"Exorcism" is the final mission for "Season of the Lost" and is supposed to serve as the finale of a storyline in which the players must defend Mara Sov, the Awoken Queen, from Xivu Arath's invading forces (via Eurogamer). Upon completion of this task, the player completes the "Severing the Worm" quest-line and should be treated to a cutscene that answers several questions raised throughout the season, which began way back in August 2021. Unfortunately, a bizarre new glitch has torn that feeling of victory from a number of fans.

Season of the Lost's ending cutscene is seriously bugged

After successfully protecting Mara Sov from Xivu Arath's invading forces in "Exorcism," many players are reporting that the screen simply cuts to black before returning them to the selection screen. According to a report from Kotaku, even if the player elects to re-play the mission, the same result occurs. 

There seems to be some debate regarding the nature of this glitch, but players are reporting that the game is not registering the mission as having been completed. According to the help forums on Bungie's website, this is becoming a widespread issue.

YouTuber Esoterickk was one of the lucky few who were able to gain access to the final cutscene, which he subsequently uploaded to his channel to allow players who were stuck to at least see the planned ending for "Season of the Lost." In his pinned comment on the video, Esoterickk says that he believes the bug hindering other players is caused when one player on a squad accidentally skips it, which will ultimately skip it for everyone. So, if you and your friends are able to complete "Exorcism", it's probably best for all of you to put the controller down.