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The Weird Reason This Apex Legends Stream Was Interrupted By Police

If one wishes to get the absolute best from their performance while playing a team-based multiplayer game, then constant communication is key. Such is the case for a battle royale game like "Apex Legends." Though the game does have a solo mode in which players can take on lobbies of 100 by their lonesome, the three-player trio mode is by and large the most popular mode in EA's free-to-play title. When playing with two others players, marking enemy positions, pinging gear, utilizing special character abilities, and being in constant communication with one's teammates is usually a prerequisite to the best possible outcomes.

At least, that would be true if gamers knew how to keep their voices down and not disturb those around them. Sometimes, the heat of the moment causes gamers to act irrationally or shout at the top of their lungs, leading other non-involved parties in their immediate vicinity to wonder what exactly is going on. One such gamer learned this in the most awkward of ways when police interrupted him midstream to see if he was okay.

Streamer Vuzby was interrupted by cops while playing Apex Legends

While playing a game of "Apex Legends," Canadian Twitch streamer Vuzby screamed for his teammates to help him while in a sticky spot. Apparently, he screamed loud enough for his neighbors to notice, leading them to call the police, unaware that the streamer was simply playing a game and not in any actual danger. This resulted in local police showing up to his house to investigate the matter. While on stream, Vuzby was surprised when someone touched his shoulder. Much to his alarm, it was the cops.

Fortunately, this incident wasn't the result of swatting, which some streamers have fallen victim to while streaming their gameplay. Instead, the cops calmly asked Vuzby if he had screamed "help" at any point while playing, to which Vuzby confirmed, saying it was "for content." The police politely wished the streamer well in his streaming endeavors before departing. One of the officers even presented himself to Vuzby's camera, jokingly telling his viewers to not shout for help, even while gaming, while by an open window — lest one of their neighbors call for actual help. Suffice to say, everyone involved here was a good sport and the situation was quickly resolved, allowing Vuzby to continue on with his game.