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How Does Fast Travel In Horizon Forbidden West Work?

PlayStation's latest first-party game, "Horizon Forbidden West" promises to outshine its predecessor. The sequel to the open-world "Horizon Zero Dawn" has players excited to once again play as Aloy in a robotic dinosaur-filled world. The critics praised the game for improving upon the mechanics that made the original great, like knocking specific materials off of enemies when fighting. However, there has been some confusion and controversy around the different versions of the game, and a lawyer has even come out against Sony for its deceptive marketing around the PS5 version of the game. Nonetheless, it seems that the game is a stellar title many fans are eager to get their hands on.

While "Horizon Forbidden West" features a gorgeous open world to explore, with a variety of different biomes, it is still a massive world. That means players will occasionally want to fast travel somewhere in order to save time or turn in a mission quickly. Fast travel was one of the weaker systems in the original game, but luckily it was improved for "Horizon Forbidden West." Here is how fast travel works.

Fast travel packs return, but are only for special occasions

In "Horizon Zero Dawn" players would need to either buy or craft fast travel packs in order to fast travel. This meant choosing between wasting precious resources or money, or wasting time. Fast travel packs have returned, but the system works a bit differently. According to The Loadout, players can fast travel anywhere there is a settlement or a campfire in the open world. That means players would need to physically walk to the nearest campfire first, but they would be able to fast travel at no charge.

The fast travel packs are now used to fast travel from anywhere. This means you don't have to walk to the nearest campfire in order to fast travel, but it will require some materials on your part. While limiting fast travel in any way in an open-world game seems like unnecessarily punishing the player, the new system gives players a little more freedom to fast travel without a cost.