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Every New Machine In Horizon Forbidden West

"Horizon Forbidden West" is finally here, giving PS4 and PS5 users the change to explore uncharted lands and hunt down some robots. While there has been some controversy around the game's confusing different editions and pricing — leading to one lawyer slamming Sony — fans seem to be enjoying the bells and whistles found in the new game. 

One of the biggest additions to "Horizon Forbidden West" is the sheer number of new machines, all resembling different creatures from the animal kingdom. Whether you choose to walk all the way across the open-world or use the fast-travel system in "Horizon Forbidden West," players will certainly encounter plenty of robots in their journey.

Guerrilla Games really upped the stakes this time, and players will need everything at their disposal, including the new Valor Surge abilities, to take down these machines and gather their parts for crafting and upgrading. Here's a rundown of a few of the most notable new machines in "Horizon Forbidden West" — and how to beat them — as well as all of the rest players can expect to battle.

The Slitherfang

A heavyweight in the machine world and a menace for Aloy to deal with, the Slitherfang is a massive machine shaped like a snake. This fast Combat-Class machine can lash out at Aloy from a distance, wielding deadly poison and electricity attacks. 

The Slitherfang can launch acid from its gullet or fire lightning from its rattle. As if that's not enough, it also has the ability to stun or deafen its enemies, making it a formidable foe. While this challenging enemy should not be taken on lightly, it does have a few weaknesses to exploit.

The Slitherfang is weak to fire, frost, and plasma elements, so players should make sure they bring the appropriate arrows to the fight. Its rattle can also be knocked off its body, taking away its ability to shoot lightning altogether. The large machine also has a data nexus that can be removed as an additional piece of loot, if players are skilled enough to hit it.

The Tideripper

One of the new amphibious machines, the Tideripper in "Horizon Forbidden West” will make traversing any body of water a stressful experience. The Tideripper resembles the long extinct Plesiosaurus, with its long neck and large body. Don't be fooled though, this beast will chase after Aloy if she is in the water and it's capable of following her onto land. Despite its aggressive nature, the Tideripper is an Acquisition machine, so its function is actually a noble one: filtering sediment out of water and using it for resources. Unfortunately for players, Tideripper uses this to its advantage by firing blasts of purge water at its enemies.

The Tideripper is resistant to fire attacks, but Aloy can use either frost or shock attacks to get at its weaknesses. The heart and exhaust port serve as weak points for the Tideripper, presenting an opportunity to deal massive damage to the heavyweight machine. Aloy can fight it on land, but it's best to avoid and escape if encountered in the water.

A new class of machine

In addition to all of the machines returning from "Horizon Zero Dawn" and its DLC, there are also nearly two dozen brand-new machines to battle and loot. Between the new machines and returning foes, there are more than 40 machines in total in "Horizon Forbidden West." 

Some of these machines are more advanced versions of older machines, while others are entirely new and take advantage of the game's different environments. Since "Horizon Forbidden West" places a greater emphasis on elemental attacks and counters, so some of these machines have their own fire-based or electrical abilities. Other machines, such as the mammoth-like Tremortusk, have been tamed by human tribes and are used to their own ends (which spells danger for Aloy). Players will need to plan ahead for battle and come equipped with a bow for every occasion. 

Here is every other new machine in "Horizon Forbidden West."

  • Bristleback

  • Burrower

  • Clamberjaw

  • Clawstrider

  • Rollerback

  • Shellsnapper

  • Sunwing

  • Tremortusk

  • Bellowback

  • Scrounger

  • Leaplasher

  • Spikesnout

  • Skydrifter

  • Plowhorn

  • Fanghorn

  • Widemaw

  • Grimhorn

  • Dreadwing

  • Scorcher

  • Fireclaw

  • Slaughterspine

  • Specter

  • Specter Prime