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The Real Reason Pokimane Doesn't Want Fans To Vote For Her

Onlookers typically expect streamers and content creators to revel in the spotlight, soaking in the attention and praise for as long as is possible. However, it seems like it's just the opposite for Imane "Pokimane" Anys. The ultra-successful Twitch personality is urging fans to stop voting for her in awards ceremonies (per Dexerto), seeking to escape the constant stream of recognition. This isn't the first time Pokimane has shied away from centerstage, citing feelings of burn-out and turning down some major offers last year. Now, shortly after confirming she'll remain on Twitch, it sounds like Pokimane is growing tired of the non-stop attention and wants to share the limelight.

After fans began nominating Pokimane for the "Valorant" category of QTCinderella's Streamer Awards, the revered personality took to Twitch to try and dissuade fans. Though Pokimane graciously thanked her supporters for their effort, she told viewers they should vote for literally any other streamer besides her. And it's not that Pokimane isn't thankful for the support and love she gets from her community, it's that the streamer is a little beyond having her massive community of followers tilt every award show in her favor. Here's what she had to say about her perspective on the situation.

Why Pokimane asked her fans to vote for someone else

Pokimane is no stranger to being recognized for her efforts, of course. Between her impressive following on Twitch and the awards she's already won, Pokimane has been elevated to something of a household name in the realm of content creators. That said, Pokimane doesn't necessarily want to remain the center of attention and thinks other creators deserve a moment to shine. 

In her Twitch stream following her nominations, Pokimane said, "Thank you so much for the nominations on QT's award show. I didn't really talk about it much yesterday because, honestly, like, you guys can go vote for everybody except me." The streamer went on to say, "If anything, like, I think it's more hype when people get, like, their first award or whatever." Anys also added that she's "always felt weird promoting award shows," going on to point out that she'd stopped promoting the events since winning The Shorty Awards.

Pokimane didn't fault her fans, though, instead profusely thanking them for their continued support. She did, however, ask them to redirect their energy and excitement into other parts of the community. Understandably, fans love Pokimane and they want to show their support for the content creator any way they can. However, in this case, it seems like the best way they can support the streamer is by just letting her do her own thing and maybe even supporting some fledgling creators in the process. Who knows — those smaller creators might even become the next big thing.