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The Real Reason Mizkif Is Afraid Of TwitchCon

TwitchCon 2022 recently announced the first "IRL" iteration of the event since 2019, and streamer Mizkif has some major hesitations about the event. The enthusiastic, entertaining streamer keeps his audience enthralled with everything from rage quits to sleep streams, and his channel is continuing to grow. However, despite the fact that Mizkif was part of both TwitchCon North America and Europe in 2019, he has his reasons for debating his conference attendance in 2022.

As he shared with his audience during a Feb. 23, 2022 stream, Mizkif's past experience at TwitchCon NA is one he doesn't want to repeat due to the flood of out-of-control fans that were present at the 2019 event, which he found to be "much more childlike" than its European counterpart. In his words, "it's like they just let all the kids with backpacks and leashes...they just let them off their leashes and they go crazy." Though he noted the North American conference is now going to be 16 and up, he's unsure of how that rule will be enforced.

Adding onto his concerns about the "younger crowd," Mizkif recalled his time with xQc at TwitchCon2019. While the two were together, Mizkif shared that xQc "was getting bombarded with people left and right," which was "annoying" and "not a fun time." He also noted that if things were bad when xQc had around 50k live viewers during his TwitchCon stream in 2019, it would only be worse now since either streamer could likely get hundreds of thousands of live viewers at the 2022 event.

Mizkif prefers TwitchCon EU to TwitchCon NA

Mizkif didn't mince words about TwitchCon NA, though his feelings about TwitchCon EU are a different story entirely. The streamer found that the crowd at the European event was comparatively "a lot older, the vibes were much softer...I don't know how to explain it...it really was a better time." Because of this, Mizkif is "90% positive" he'll make an appearance at TwitchCon EU 2022.

Though he was pretty negative about TwitchCon NA, Mizkif still hasn't made a final decision about whether or not he'll be part of the event. As he shared with his fans, "that growth that has happened...over the past few years, I'm personally scared I guess of the amount of people that are gonna be coming up and being like, 'holy f***.'" However, a little help from Twitch in the security department could go a long way for the star. His hope is that "maybe [Twitch] can help me with some serious security so I'm not getting bombarded," as he was pretty impressed with Pokimane's security and hopeful that he could get a similar setup.

It'll be interesting to see if Twitch responds to Mizkif's request, though the company's shady history makes it hard to know how things will be handled at the next TwitchCon.