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Everybody's Saying The Same Thing About Pokemon Scarlet And Violet's Starters

"Pokemon Scarlet" and "Violet" have officially been announced, and fans are already anticipating what the next generation of "Pokemon" will look like. In general, fans were blown away by the reveal, and some even commented on how it looked more realistic in some ways than any other "Pokemon" title before it. Fans are also already speculating what real-world inspirations "Scarlet" and "Violet" will draw from, with some even suspecting that the games will resemble real-world Spain. However, one thing particularly caught gamers' attention in the "Pokemon" reveal: the starters.


The next generation of "Pokemon" comes with three new starters, one each of Grass-Type, Fire-Type, and Water-Type. While the type makeup of these starters isn't unusual, fans are feeling particularly divided about the Pokemon's designs. In fact, fan artists immediately began creating memes of the new Pokemon, commenting on the Pokemon's similarity to other pop culture characters.

Only time will tell where "Pokemon Scarlet" and "Violet" rank in the hallowed halls of the best "Pokemon" games, but fans are already anticipating how the titles will introduce these new and strange creatures to the lore of the series. While gamers don't know much about the new generation just yet, they're already having plenty of fun with the creatures Game Freak has revealed.


What are the new starters?

But who are these starters and what can players expect from them? The Pokemon Company provided a full rundown of the three starters on the "Pokemon Scarlet" and "Violet" website. As in the past, there are three starters, each with a different type. While each Pokemon resembles a real-world animal in some respects, they each have their own quirks and attributes that indicate their Type.


Sprigatito is a Grass-Type cat with an impish grin who has the ability "Overgrow." Its description calls it "attention-seeking," which is exactly what one might expect from an adorable cat. Fuecoco looks like an apple crossed with a crocodile, but it's really a Fire-Type with a fiery maw. It has the "Blaze" ability and is easygoing by nature. Quaxly is a Water-Type pompadoured duck, described as "earnest." It has the "Torrent" ability.

Fans had a variety of takes on the new starters, and some were content to simply imagine the new Pokemon alongside previous-gen pocket monsters. For example, one artist imagined Litten meeting Sprigatito, the two opposing-Type cat starters getting along perfectly. 


One fan didn't think the new starters looked like traditional Pokemon at all, and tweeted, "At first the starters caught me off guard because of how different the art direction is this time. They didn't look like Pokémon to me initially. ... But TBH, they've grown on me in the past few hours." Whether they loved the new creatures initially or took some time to sit with the new designs, most fans agreed on one important thing: the new starters are pretty hilarious.

Each Pokemon starter got lovingly roasted

"Pokemon" fans held absolutely nothing back when critiquing the new starters. Many gamers compared Sprigatito to Garfield, the lasagna-loving cat who hates Mondays. Another fan artist recreated the famous meme combining "The Real Housewives of Orange County" with Smudge the cat, starring Sprigatito as the cat at the ill-fated dinner table.


One gamer compared Fuecoco's design to a crewmate from "Among Us," going so far as to say that the new starters seem "sus." Some gamers seemed concerned for Fuecoco's yellow rectangle on his midsection, speculating that newer Fire-Type starters had cheese slices on them. After all, Scorbunny also has several yellow rectangles in its design.

Perhaps most prevalently, fans compared Quaxly to the legendary Disney character Donald Duck. Specifically, as one fan pointed out, "everyone is saying Quaxly looks like Donald Duck from 'Kingdom Hearts' specifically. Not Donald Duck from Disney." As a matter of fact, Quaxly's adorable pompadour hairstyle – or perhaps beret – resembles Donald Duck's costume in "Kingdom Hearts," and fans can't unsee it. In fact, some have compared all three starters to the "Kingdom Hearts" crew of Sora, Goofy, and Donald. Let's just hope that Quaxly has a better handle on healing than Donald Duck does. 


Even though each starter had their own quirks for fans to point out, fans are also discussing the crew as a whole. "Pokemon" fans seem thrown off by the new art style of the "Scarlet" and "Violet" starters. In general, some gamers thought the human protagonists of the game looked strange, while others said that the art direction looks better than any other "Pokemon" game before it.

Meanwhile, gamers have compared the starters to Neopets, insisting that they look fake, even though Game Freak officially announced that yes, these are the official starters for "Scarlet" and "Violet." Maybe gamers will just have to spend some time with these new monsters to decide whether or not they're as lovable as the series' classic starters.