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The Mad Maggie Detail You Missed In Apex Legends

"Apex Legends" Season 12 has been live for a few weeks now, but players are still discovering new details from the latest update. Season 12 brought an updated Olympus battle royale map, along with the new legend, Mad Maggie. Mad Maggie is a vicious warlord, who has been fighting to keep Slavo independent for a longtime. "Apex Legends" has long been known for having a special attention to detail, especially for its legends. Mad Maggie and some of her legendary skins are no exception.

"Apex Legends" is a battle royale game still worth playing, especially as the game continues to receive substantial updates. Mad Maggie is an attack legend, rocking a drill that deals damage through cover, and a giant explosive ball that drops speed boosts. The Mad Maggie detail is only noticeable when using a legendary skin that has sunglasses, which have something special in the reflection. Here is what one player discovered.

The map is reflected in Mad Maggie's sunglasses

Discovered by HolyRamenEmperor on Reddit, Mad Maggie's sunglasses reflect the map that players are about to drop into. As shown in the image put together by HolyRamenEmperor, details can be seen showing off Kings Canyon, Olympus, and Storm Point respectively. The implication here is that the character models shown on the legend select screen are standing somewhere on the map, prior to players dropping in. The map shown always corresponds with the map players are about to play on, so this special detail could be a happy accident.

"Apex Legends" loads the map prior to the legend select screen, so players can go straight from the legend select screen. Since Mad Maggie's sunglasses were designed to be reflective, they might just be showing something that has always been there. Since the reflections aren't super clear, it doesn't seem like something that was put there by the developers, but without confirmation from Respawn Entertainment it's hard to know for sure.