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How Long Does It Take To Beat Triangle Strategy?

The world has been waiting for "Triangle Strategy" with bated breath, as the HD-2D adventure RPG releases March 4, 2022 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. "Triangle Strategy," formerly known as "Project Triangle Strategy," gives players control of warrior parties featuring 20 playable characters, complex turn-based combat, and pivotal decision points that change the progression of the game. On top of that, the design style that blends 3D and pixel-art makes for a uniquely beautiful world.

Strategy is quite literally the name of the game in "Triangle Strategy," which means playtime may vary greatly between gamers. Given the game's connections to "Octopath Traveler" as well as comparisons to games like "Fire Emblem" and "Final Fantasy Tactics," some experienced RPG gamers might have a leg up on those new to the genre.

Even with all the variables to consider, there are a few solid estimates for how long it takes to beat "Triangle Strategy." Though no two gamers will have the same experience, the intel that's been shared so far will help "Triangle Strategy" players know how to budget their time. Long story short, the game will keep even the best players busy for a good chunk of hours.

Triangle Strategy Offers Plenty of Gameplay

According to Inverse, most players will take "roughly 40-50 hours" to beat "Triangle Strategy." As the outlet explained, the challenging gameplay combined with some optional content, like cutscenes and world exploration, leads to a lengthy completion time. On top of that, beating the game allows players to go back and experience the game from a new perspective and unlock different endings, which Inverse figures many gamers will want to try. This would double the playtime estimate to the 80-100 hour mark.

Perhaps even more noteworthy is some intel from the inaugural episode of SQEX Asano Development Teams Radio, a collaboration between "Triangle Strategy" producers Tomoya Asano, Yasuaki Arai, and Square Enix (via DualShockers). Asano shared that his test run took "around 30 hours," so it follows that fans who weren't involved in the creation of the game would take a little longer. Building on the estimate from Asano, RadioTimes noted the choice element of "Triangle Strategy" can shorten or lengthen the game based on the branching paths players elect to go down.

Whether players speed through "Triangle Strategy" in a quick 30 hours or experience it in its entirety for upwards of 100 hours, the game is poised to keep gamers engaged for the foreseeable future.