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Everything To Know About The Lost Hatch In Grand Theft Auto V

Though the original "Grand Theft Auto" formula insisted upon setting players loose in an open world awaiting ensuing crime and chaos, "Grand Theft Auto 5" has proven itself to be something more. Despite releasing nearly a decade ago — and with no signs Rockstar is working on "Grand Theft Auto 6" — the title has remained relevant and active. largely in part to the expansive and successful "Grand Theft Auto Online" offering within the title — but also because of the mysteries the game holds. Alongside the online content that sees regular updates and expansions, players have also come to learn that "Grand Theft Auto 5" holds a vast number of secret encounters and easter eggs. 

While some players may have already come across a scene ripped right out of "No Country For Old Men," that's just one of the movie or TV-related easter eggs present in "Grand Theft Auto 5." One of these hidden gems is an eerie hatch located at the bottom of the ocean. While an unexplained hatch may immediately dredge up memories of the hit show "LOST," there's actually more than meets the eye to this bizarre homage. Here's everything players should know about the "LOST" hatch in "Grand Theft Auto 5."

Somewhere Beyond The Sea...

Deep on the sea floor, off the coast of Los Santos, players can find the mysterious "Grand Theft Auto 5" hatch. The easter egg is easily accessible once players have access to a submarine. Determined players should scour the seabed at the edge of the map, east of the quarry. After a little searching, players should be able to locate the metallic oval door. Those seeking to interact with the hatch will immediately find that they've entered the Abyss (near-instant death zone in the ocean) and it'll only be a matter of seconds before the submarine is destroyed. That said, there's more to this mystery than just admiring the homage from afar.

Insistent fans have been able to determine that once a player gets close to the hatch, a light can be seen emanating from the small window in the door. In addition to the light, an easily missed tapping can also be heard coming from the door. By using Tap Code (similar to Morse Code) as a means to decipher the taps, fans ultimately discovered a familiar message awaiting players. From the hatch, the taps say, "Hey, you never call, how'd you fancy going bowling?"

What's The Significance To The LOST Hatch Easter Egg

In the hit tv show "LOST," the aforementioned hatch was hidden on an island and not on the sea floor — plus viewers eventually got to see what was inside –  but there's no denying its inclusion in "Grand Theft Auto 5" is a way to offer homage to the popular 00's series. In the same way that the hatch served as a central mystery in the tv show, it maintained the same purpose for players hunting down every mystery Rockstar tucked away in its title. 

As for the odd message coming from within the hatch? That's none other than Roman Bellic, brother to "Grand Theft Auto 4" protagonist Niko Bellic. Roman would incessantly call players, asking to take him out for some fun — oftentimes with that fun being bowling. This is Rockstar's cheeky nod to the character. It seems Roman finally outstayed his welcome and annoyed the wrong person, resulting in his current...living arrangement.