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The Early Rune Farm In Elden Ring You Won't Want To Miss

The critically-acclaimed "Elden Ring" is a difficult game — it is the spiritual successor to the "Dark Souls" games after all. Because of this, people have looked for several ways to make the game easier, whether that's the best beginner class or finding helpful NPCs. The most important helpful resource in the game is Runes, which is the currency in the game, the equivalent to Souls in "Dark Souls" or Blood Echoes in "Bloodborne."


There are several things you can buy with Runes that are extremely useful, but anytime you die, you'll lose your Runes. While you can go retrieve them, if you die on the way there, they'll be permanently lost. Defeating enemies is one way to get Runes, which has led people to look for the easiest enemies to defeat over and over again in order to earn the most Runes. These Rune Farms can boost your character pretty well if you're willing to sit down and grind out the time it takes to take down an enemy over and over again.

There's one Rune Farm early on in the game that can be a great way to grind out Runes even if you're not super strong yet.

The 1000 Runes Stormgate Troll

There's a troll near Stormgate that's known for being extremely hard to kill. Most players hop on their horse to ride right past it, but it's actually worth your time to try and take down considering it's worth 1000 Runes and quickly respawns.


According to Gamepur, the first thing you need to do is get the troll separated from the guards nearby by bringing it outside the gates and down the slope in front of them. From there, you can attack the Troll's legs pretty easily to knock it down. Once it's downed, attacking its face can deal massive amounts of damage.

Others on Reddit explained in a bit more detail: Simply attack Trolls' legs from behind. Once they turn towards you, you can literally run through them to hit their legs again. From there, they'll eventually fall and you can hack away at their head.