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Where To Find Ashes Of War In Elden Ring

Part of what makes "Elden Ring" so great is the freedom in the game. Players are free to advance through the game with whatever class they chose, and they're even able to write hilarious notes about dogs for other players to enjoy. There are even hints around the world for heartwarming fan theories and connections to other games developed by FromSoftware. To add to that sense of freedom, "Elden Ring" has a system to help players customize their builds with Ashes of War.


Ashes of War are items that allow players to switch up their weapons' affinities and skills. This lets players go through the game with the weapons and playstyle that they want to use instead of being forced to use whatever combat equipment they find with the best stats or abilities.

There are a few ways to get Ashes of War, and some are a bit easier than others.

The various ways to get Ashes of War

Ashes of War can be found in some NPC shops, from corpses around the map, and even after defeating enemies. There are a ton around the game, but there are some that are easier to find than others.

Arekkz Gaming on YouTube shared some easy and early Ashes of War you can find in Limgrave. They're located by the Stormveil Castle, the bridge by Agheel Lake North, above the Castle Morne Rampart, at the Site of Grace inside Stormveil Castle, in Fort Haight, and by Agheel Lake South. You'll need to fight either an enemy or Dung Beetle to obtain all of these.


If you're looking to buy Ashes of War, then you can travel to Rampart Tower and meet Rogier, the Ashes of War vendor who's also a sorcerer (via YouTube channel 100% Guides).

While Ashes of War are in specific locations that are universal for every player, another easy way to collect them is by exploring the world of "Elden Ring." You'll inevitably come across some of them, and you'll more than likely have to fight enemies who drop them.