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Real Life Elden Ring Armor Has Fans Going Wild

Generally speaking, one of the biggest draws to playing an open-world RPG game is the ability to shape your player-controlled character into virtually whatever you want them to be. This typically includes being able to choose their strengths and focuses when it comes to abilities, as well as modify their appearance. These options are available to players in the critically acclaimed "Elden Ring," FromSoftware's spiritual successor to the "Dark Souls" franchise. In "Elden Ring," players have a variety of options open to them when it comes to their in-game attributes, as well as the armor they can wear when waging war against the multitude of enemies they will come across in The Lands Between.

With "Elden Ring" being such a massive release, it's only natural that fans have started to show off their fandom in a variety of ways. One such "Elden Ring" fan has recreated the game's Raging Wolf armor as a real-life cosplay, and it has the fandom going absolutely wild!

An Elden Ring fan has created real-life Raging Wolf armor

The first armor set players will have access to when choosing the Bloody Wolf starting class in "Elden Ring" is that of the Raging Wolf. Because of its accessibility, ease of access, and easily identifiable (and striking) design, it's become one of the most iconic forms of imagery as it pertains to "Elden Ring" and the culture surrounding it. Naturally, it didn't take long for a fan of "Elden Ring" to recreate the Raging Wolf armor set for real-life use.

On March 2, Kuwaiti cosplayer MajedĀ Alkanderi posted a video and corresponding images of his homemade Raging Wolf armor set, complete with a sword and shield, that took a total of two weeks to make. To say the very least, the results are strikingly beautiful and fans went wild over the fan-made creation, with some evenĀ calling it a "masterpiece." The video post has garnered nearly 4,000 likes on Twitter and even attracted the attention of the publisher of "Elden Ring." Bandai Namco's official UK Twitter account responded to Majed's original post, noting the amazing attention to detail while also congratulating him on a job well done.

As "Elden Ring" picks up even greater steam, it's only natural that more fan-created tributes of this nature will pop up. But if this work is any indication, the bar for such creations has been set really high.