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The Hilarious Truth About Destiny's Parasite Noises

Sound design plays an extremely important part in bringing video games, movies, and television to life. Oftentimes, it makes a huge difference in maintaining the immersion for viewers and building a world that feels real, lived in, and responsive. Video games have come a particularly long way since the 8-bit days of distorted audio cues and sound effects, and the medium has since adapted real-sounding effects such as the blast of a rifle, the collapse of a building, and the roars of mythical monsters.


In the past, iconic original sounds have been created using some rather unorthodox means. For instance, the signature roar of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in "Jurassic Park" was created from the growl of a Jack Terrier pup (via The Vinyl Factory). The iconic mechanical whirring the emanated from the TIE fighters in "Star Wars?" That's actually a distorted elephant sound!

Sound designers are always looking for new and creative ways to create original sounds for their latest projects. One of these projects includes the Parasite weapon in "Destiny 2," which has a particularly hilarious story behind the creation of its recognizable sound.

The Parasite got its signature sound using macaroni and cheese

One of the many weapons players can equip in "Destiny 2" is the Parasite grenade launcher. Unlocked as part of the Witch Queen expansion, the Parasite offers players both power and stability in one deadly package, launching worms at enemies like they're the universe's grossest grenades. One of the weapon's signature components is its distinctive squishy sound, which, according to an interview of Bungie staffers conducted by GamesRadar, was created using the sounds of beefy mac and cheese.


Due to some of the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the designers behind "Destiny 2" and its sound design were required to work from home, forcing them to come up with creative ways to develop sounds and other effects without the aid of a dedicated studio or an on-location staff. 

"With Parasite, the worm launcher, some of the sounds incorporated in there are sounds you might find in your house," audio lead Evan Buehler told GamesRadar. "I know if you've ever made some fresh pasta, specifically beef mac and cheese, and kind of mixed it around a little bit, some of those sounds were used to create that. Maybe not so great or weird, but it's something you could experience or understand in your own home." Talk about a creative (and slightly gross) solution!