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The Actress Who Plays Melina In Elden Ring Is Gorgeous In Real Life

When it comes to the critically-acclaimed "Elden Ring," there are very few disappointing things about the game. In fact, there aren't too many games that are more perfect than the spiritual successor to the "Dark Souls" games. There were plenty of reasons to love the game, but the NPCs were a major hit.

"Elden Ring" has a gorgeous cast featuring NPCs that are full of life and personality in the bleak and weary world the game is set in. Before you get to the end of the game, you'll encounter plenty of different NPCs – some that you don't want to miss and some that you may not want to hug when you pass by. One of these characters is Melina, who's somewhat of a guide for players in the game, serving as their finger maiden.

Her character's very recognizable once the black hood comes off, and her voice-over artist is both talented and gorgeous

Meet Martha Mackintosh

Melina's voice actress is Martha Mackintosh, a woman with a wide variety of talents. She's worked on a variety of projects, appearing in several television shows and movies including "Brimstone," "Stella," and "A Song for Jenny." When she was a baby, she even made an appearance in "Waiting for God," a television show from the 90s. Her father, Steven Mackintosh, is also an actor, which may be how she got her start in the acting industry before heading over to voice acting.

Mackintosh's talents shine in a variety of video games in the past years. Her first gaming appearance was in "Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series." From there, she's appeared in titles like "Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun," "A Year of Rain," and "The Pillars of Earth."

Mackintosh's voice is quite recognizable. In fact, before the game was released, some on Reddit were predicting that Mackintosh voiced Melina because of her performance in another FromSoftware title.

Mackintosh's previous Dark Souls experience

Martha Mackintosh's time as Melina wasn't her first rodeo with FromSoftware. She actually appears in "Dark Souls 3," which helped pave the way for "Elden Ring." In the third "Dark Souls" game, she played Company Captain Yorshka, the leader of the Darkmoon Blades.

Yorshka and Melina are quite different characters. Yorshka knows her purpose, and she doesn't spend much time in the outside world. Instead, she remains alone in her tower. However, Melina is almost the opposite. She's directly involving herself with the world around her by helping the player, and she's wandering while searching for what she should be doing.

Despite the difference in characters, Mackintosh does a knockout job in both roles. Her voice fits both roles perfectly, especially with the setting of "Elden Ring." She's great at what she does.

She's also great at another career that she finds time to do in her busy life: hairdressing.

Mackintosh also has a passion for hair

As if being a talented voice actor wasn't enough, Martha Mackintosh is also an amazing hair artist. Her Instagram page shows off her talents, and she's dished out some impressive transformations.

In one post, she showed off a client with medium-length, straight brown hair. The client wanted a "new look," and Mackintosh delivered a stunning chin-length bob with straight bangs to round it off. She also shows off her styling talent between friends, on the set of photoshoots, and even with other major hair artists. The variety of work she does shows off just how talented she is at working with hair, highlighting her expertise at hair color as well as even men's hairstyling.

Her passion is pretty clear, and considering it takes up a good amount of her social media, she seems to love what she does when she's not in the booth.