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This Leaked League Of Legends Skin Is Causing An Uproar

For MOBA players, word of a new skin or character is typically met with excitement, but a newly leaked "League of Legends" skin is creating nothing but frustration. Longtime "League of Legends" players often spend just as much time and effort on their in-game appearance as they do learning how to play favorite characters. While some cosmetics can be earned just by playing the game itself, many of the most sought-after acquisitions will require players to spend a little real-world money on the game.

Though in-game purchases always inspire pushback from some communities of players, many "League of Legends" fans are okay with shelling out a little extra to obtain a flashy new look. That said, it appears there's a line that's just been crossed. Leaker @BigBadBear_ tweeted some news that caught players off guard, claiming that an upcoming skin will run interested players a whopping $130 (per Dexerto). While it's not the first time "League of Legends" introduced a pricy premium cosmetic, this new skin may serve as a tipping point for what fans are willing to spend. Here's why this leaked "League of Legends" skin is causing an uproar among fans.

League Of Legends Players Reach Their Limit

While the rumored news of a new premium skin for the character Eclipse initially drew some excitement from players, that goodwill quickly turned sour when fans learned what the cosmetic might cost.  Gathering any and all information they could find, fans believe the skin is obtained by purchasing 25 capsules, which ends up costing 18,000 RP, or $130. Fans haven't been happy with the prospective news and have taken to social media platforms to express their dissatisfaction.

Responding to @BigBadBear_'s tweet, one user posted a chart detailing the real-world cost of RP to put the price into perspective. Another user commented, "even the best ultimate skin in the world with 15 transformations ultra sophisticated vfx and 30 min voicelines wouldn't be worth that price." Another painted a picture of the cosmetic's cost in certain regions, saying, "It's worse in Brazil, the average salary here is R$3000, which is worth about $450, so it's almost paying 1/4 of your salary for a skin in an online game."

Though at this point @BigBadBear_'s revelations haven't been confirmed, the community member does have a reputation for predicting and leaking accurate information. If this news ends up being a genuine artifact, there will be a lot of "League of Legends" fans who have a bone to pick with Riot Games.