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The Elden Ring Map You Didn't Know You Needed

FromSoftware is well known for not using traditional maps or quest markers in their games, often opting for the player to find the correct path through an area through their own exploration. This lack of "hand-holding" within prior FromSoftware titles has been lauded as an engaging twist that forces the player to think critically about where to go next – though admittedly, it is incredibly bold of them to bring that sort of style to an open-world game as massive as "Elden Ring."


There is no quest log in "Elden Ring," nor quest markers on your map, or arrows pointing you where to go. The intention behind this lack of direction is to immerse the player in the world and create a genuine sense of adventure and excitement as the player explores this mysterious setting. However, odds are that no matter how much time you spend exploring the world of "Elden Ring," you're bound to miss something and forget about a quest or loose end somewhere in the world. Thankfully, there's an interactive map online for any player hoping to find everything that "Elden Ring" has to offer.

This interactive map is incredibly helpful for those who feel overwhelmed by the game's size

Obviously this map contains heavy spoilers, so view at your own risk. The map (which is hosted by Mapgenie) has markers for every single site of grace, dungeon, and boss in the entire game, as well as every item and weapon. The map also features markers for 130 different landmarks, 128 different crafting materials, every key, and every enemy. Essentially everything in the game is labeled on the map, and the site allows users to select which labels they would like to see. You can choose to see only bosses, or only enemies, or only weapons, or you can pick and choose specific items you need to find. 


Since the game was released so recently, the map is still a work in progress. A label at the top indicates that the map will be updated periodically as fans discover new items and sites of interest across the world – but the creators have done an impressive job thus far in labeling nearly everything that players might be looking for. For those who are close to the end of the game (or indeed, those who don't care about spoiling the parts of the map they haven't discovered yet) it's an essential piece of information that will make the trek across the Lands Between just a bit more bearable.