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This Mod Makes Elden Ring Incredibly Chill

"Elden Ring" has a lot going for it. From an expansive open world, to intense combat and even FromSoftware's iconic jaw-dropping boss encounters, "Elden Ring" has proven itself a near masterpiece in the eyes of many players and critics — but it's still missing an important feature for a game of its status. As it stands, there really isn't a great way to capture some of the best moments players are experiencing in "Elden Ring." Without a proper photo mode or the ability to traverse the beautiful Lands Between without incurring the wrath of nearby patrolling enemies, majestic screenshots can be hard to come by. Players are left trying to finagle the best while working with the least.


Photo modes have become a very popular addition to gaming in recent years, with popular titles like "God of War" or "Horizon Forbidden West" offering players the ability to take a break from the action and strike a pose. Now, it appears one modder felt it was time to take action into their own hands. The "Elden Ring" mod they've created not only adds an easy way to capture in-game screenshots, but also take some of the pressure off players as they do so. The results have made "Elden Ring" incredibly chill.

Elden Ring's Photomode Mod Is More Than A Way To Take Pictures

Modder Frans Bouma posted the "Elden Ring" photo mode mod v1.0.4 on Patreon only a week ago, but since then the fan-made addition has garnered the creator tons of attention (per PC Gamer). Not only does Bouma's mod add the much-appreciated ability to pose and take photos with ease, but it also brings with it an array of tools that let players explore the Lands Between to their hearts' content. Players will have the newfound ability to pause the game as well as a way to make their character invisible while in the photo mode.


Bouma's mod is quickly becoming a fan-favorite on social media, allowing players to take fun selfies with enemies and bosses — or even just allowing unparalleled freedom to explore the vast open-world without fear of death. On Twitter, PC Gamer Staff Writer Chis Livingston said, "The Elden Ring photo mode mod has a tickbox that stops enemies from seeing me as hostile, so I can finally just hang out with them, it's all I really wanted." Livingston's feelings have been echoed by many other members of the fan community who can now finally enjoy the world of "Elden Ring" at a much slower and more meditative pace.