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Elden Ring Rocked By Mysterious Player Bans

Much like the mysterious world of the Lands Between, "Elden Ring" seems to be a bit obtuse in how it communicates information to the player, leading a bunch of gamers to believe they might have been banned from playing the game online. Coming off rumors that there might be a PvP arena coming to the game in the future, a number of social media posts have suggested that the "Elden Ring" servers were either having a rough time or the developer has suddenly decided to boot players from the title en masse. If that's the case, matchmaking for future PVP games could be hard to come by.

As reported by GameRant, dozens of Twitter users began asking if the "Elden Ring" servers were having issues on the evening of March 10. Some of these users reportedly found themselves unable to log into the game and received a message stating "inappropriate activity detected." 

There are multiple examples of people receiving the same message while being unable to access the multiplayer servers for "Elden Ring," and so far, none of these users admitted to doing anything that would get them banned (not that anybody would readily admit to that, anyway). Still, with the high number of apparent suspensions going out at once, it seems likely that this was either the result of a server issue or the developer catching up with issuing punishments for previous rule-breaking. It's hard to say for sure, though, as either FromSoftware nor Bandai Namco have made a public statement about the issue.

Elden Ring players are confused by these login issues

Many players weren't quite as concerned with the idea of being banned, with a number of posts on the "Elden Ring" subreddit in the last 24 hours pinning the blame on some kind of server malfunction, or otherwise asking if anyone knew of any reported outages. It's worth noting that at least one user who received the "inappropriate activity" notice tweeted an image of the game later on, so it seems like they were eventually able to get back into "Elden Ring" ans resume their playthrough. However, it's unclear whether they had to do something special to get around the error or the error resolved itself.

Some people have experienced issues with co-op play since launch, but at this point it's hard to tell what exactly went wrong for these players, especially considering the serious tone of the error message they received. Of course, considering the massive success of "Elden Ring" people shouldn't be surprised by server issues. Maybe some players were just spending too much time hugging Fia for FromSoftware's taste.