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How To Find The Sleeping Dragon In Elden Ring

As "Elden Ring" continues to be the talk of the town, more gamers are finally beginning to master the mythical world FromSoftware has created and get a better handle on the game's mechanics and secrets. Not long after the game's release, one player did a speedrun of the game and beat it in around 2.5 hours without so much as dying. Soon after, more "Elden Ring" masters were able to shatter that record, beating the game in less than an hour. But most new players might find themselves unable to accomplish such feats, so grinding through "Elden Ring" will be their only course of action — especially if they wish to get better and gain access to key advantages.


One of the biggest advantages are runes, the in-game currency of "Elden Ring." Runes are important if one wishes to level up their attributes as they progress through the game. Another major resource is the Dragon Heart, a precious commodity in The Lands Between that gives players access to powerful abilities. Having both of these at your disposal could bring your gameplay to the next level. And if you want to earn these in bulk, you'll want to take out a specific dragon in Greyoll's Dragonbarrow. Here's how to find the sleeping dragon, and how you can beat it.

Where to find the sleeping dragon

Finding the sleeping dragon in "Elden Ring" isn't as simple as just showing up to a location on the map and fighting the thing — some effort will be needed. The first thing you must do is defeat Tibia Mariner, a world boss that can be found in various areas across The Lands Between. Should you wish to streamline everything, the easiest location for Tibia Mariner to find can be found in Summonwater Village, east of Limgrave, the latter of which is also home to many of the game's most powerful talismans. Upon defeating a Tibia Mariner, the player will be rewarded with a Deathroot.


After picking up the Deathroot, the next thing you must do is got to Roundtable Hold and turn it in to D, Hunter of the Dead. Upon presenting D with the Deathroot, he will instruct the player to meet with Gurranq, a ravenous monster who craves said Deathroot. To reach Gurranq, you will have to travel to a Sending Gate that will transport you to Greyoll's Dragonbarrow.

From there, the player should enter the Bestial Sanctum and interact with the Lost Grace of Power, which will act as a checkpoint (you know, just in case). Travel south towards Fort Forath and discover a Site of Lost Grace when crossing the bridge to mark another checkpoint (this is a long journey) before racing past the Flying Dragon Greyll and Putrid Avatar.


Defeating the Sleeping Dragon grants wild rewards

Behind the Minor Erdtree lies a Spirit Spring, which players must use to propel them and their steed into the mountains and towards the fort — this is where you'll find the sleeping dragon, Elder Dragon Greyoll


Upon first glance, you'll notice that the beast's HP is quite high, but defeating this one won't be require much effort. This particular dragon appears to already be close to death, so you should be able to make short work of the mythical creature with the right weapons.

Upon defeating the dragon, you will be rewarded with a staggering 74,000 runes (which will erroneously be marked as +50,000 on your screen, as noted by Game Rant). On top of that, you will also acquire a neat five Dragon Hearts, giving your inventory a ton of value within the in-game economy.

So there you have it — you've literally slain a dragon and earned the spoils that will make it possible to purchase some powerful abilities and other important goodies that you can use to your advantage.