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Dr Disrespect Reveals His Biggest Problem With Elden Ring

Known for his bombastic and outspoken online persona, as well as his drama with the Twitch platform, Dr. Disrespect is among one of the most popular and well-known streamers out there. Adept at first-person shooter multiplayer titles like "Warzone" and "Rogue Company," the Doc is mostly known for veering away from more single-player centric games that don't have a competitive element to them. But some games are just huge and impossible to avoid, even if they aren't necessarily in your ballpark.

One such game is FromSoftware's "Elden Ring," which has completely overtaken much of the conversation among gamers since its release at the end of February. The critically acclaimed and notoriously difficult action-adventure RPG has attracted both hardcore and casual gamers. Predictably, Dr. Disrespect's attention was piqued in regards to the title, so he decided to give it a try — and he hated it at first (per Dexerto). But since this initial bad impression, he's warmed up to the FromSoftware title, even calling himself the "best 'Elden Ring' player of all time." However, he does still have one big problem with the game.

Dr Disrespect doesn't really like Elden Ring's third-person camera

Upon his first playthrough of "Elden Ring," Dr Disrespect was not a big fan. As a matter of fact, he gave the game a 6/10 critical score and criticized the game's grinding elements and "terrible" camera function (via Dextero). But upon leveling up his character and experiencing more of the game, it seems the Doc has grown to understand the attraction to "Elden Ring," a game many consider to be close to perfect. However, the Two Time Champ isn't ready to give the game any such praise. Doc might like the game if it fixed its camera system, though, which is his biggest problem with the title at the moment.

"There's a lot of third-person camera stuff going on that I just don't like," Doc said in a recent stream. "I don't want my camera to go through the bodies of creatures. It seems like we spend a lot of time seeing that stuff when we're fighting bosses." 

Dr Disrespect admitted that he had no idea how FromSoftware could fix this perceived issue with the camera — especially since the game is already out — and that designing a third-person camera is a difficult task. Ultimately, however, he now rates the game anywhere from an "8.8" to an "8.9" out of 10, so his love for "Elden Ring" has already come a long way.