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TommyInnit Accidentally Leaks Major Personal Info On Stream

TommyInnit's streaming success continues to skyrocket with each passing day. The "Minecraft" streamer and Dream SMP member from the UK has racked up millions of followers over the years, his following seeing a particularly impressive surge in 2021. Of course, even with all of his success, TommyInnit is only human and still makes mistakes. During a March 13, 2022 stream, he accidentally leaked a photo of his passport while live for Dream SMP.

While trying to save a silly picture of his friend and fellow "Minecraft" streamer Tubbo, TommyInnit accidentally pulled up a small window with an image thumbnail labeled "Passport." He clicked out super quickly, but the information was nonetheless revealed to his tens of thousands of viewers, not to mention the many fans who watched the stream later.

At first, TommyInnit wasn't sure what happened, saying he was "60% sure [he] just leaked [his] passport." Though his on-stream friends and the majority of his chat urged him to end the stream and take down all evidence of the video, TommyInnit repeatedly assured everyone that "it's fine." 

He was clearly shaken but stayed relatively calm, even joking with his fans. In his words, "Let me trust you guys. Don't do anything I wouldn't with my ID right now." After the initial shock and a few laughs, TommyInnit was pleasantly surprised upon reviewing the VOD, which at least confirmed the leak wasn't as bad as he thought.

TommyInnit's Blurry Passport Leak

When playing back the moment he leaked his passport, TommyInnit was happy to discover that the photo he had shared was such a tiny thumbnail that deducing his personal info from it would be nearly impossible. Celebrating the victory that allowed him to keep up what was otherwise a solid stream, he told any possible doxxers to "get f***ed, idiots!"

Before getting back to his regularly scheduled programming, TommyInnit laughed at himself, saying the incident "might be the world's best bit." He even went on to call his dad, telling him, "just on stream, just letting you know, I think we should cancel all of our bank accounts." His dad was pretty chill about the slip-up, though he told anyone who did actually manage to get a readable clip of his son's passport to "immediately destroy it."

TommyInnit turned what could've been an unfortunate moment into an entertaining bit for his fans, even commenting that he's "never had this much adrenaline on a stream before." He also pointed out the irony of everything happening "a day later after winning Best 'Minecraft' Streamer" at the Streamer Awards 2022.