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The Best Streamers To Watch If You Love League Of Legends

If you're familiar with esports or just PC gaming in general, then you've probably heard about the popular MOBA "League of Legends." People either love it or hate it, but there's no denying that it's been one of the biggest games of the past decade. It even has a mobile adaptation called "League of Legends: Wild Rift" so that non-PC gamers can get in on the action.


The game was created by Riot, and there have been several additional titles from the developers since "League" was released, including the hit FPS hit "Valorant" and two surprise drops that even included an RPG. While "League of Legends" has been its flagship title, the group has expanded to other forms of media with the Netflix hit "Arcane" – which was actually set in the "League" universe.

Because the game's been popular for so long, there have been a ton of "League of Legends" streamers through the years, especially as the game fluctuates in popularity with events. However, if you're looking for a streamer to watch regularly, then these are some of the best and most seasoned "League" players to tune in to.



While Emiru exploded in popularity in 2021, she's been a consistent "League of Legends" streamer for quite a time before that. In fact, she was used as the inspiration for one "League" character that was released before her popularity skyrocketed.


Emiru sets herself apart from other streamers with cosplay, and she's seen in full-gear just as often as she is without it whenever she sits down to play. As part of OTK, she's even helped other streamers out with "League," including Mizkif. Emiru also streams other games, including "Super Mario 64."

She's also just a good "League of Legends" player. In the past four years, she's placed in Ranked play at Diamond or Platinum – which is higher than 86% of other players in the game. She's spotted most often in bot lane, whether she's playing ADC or Support. Considering that ADC is one of the hardest roles to play in Solo Ranked play, Emiru definitely has skills.


Loltyler1, most commonly known as tyler1, has been part of the "League" community for years. He puts a lot of work into his streams to keep viewers entertained, whether that means cosplaying as Draven – his signature ADC champion pick – or cooking and doing goofy things for the camera. He's known for his entertaining rages, which have calmed down a bit since his beginning years.


Not only is he fun to watch, but Tyler1 is also incredibly talented at the game. In February 2022, he became the first-ever "League of Legends" player to hit Challenger in Ranked play across all five roles in the game. In fact, the official "League" Twitter account congratulated him for his success and sent him a heartwarming gift for his dedication.

He's been playing the game for years, and his nearly 5 million followers on Twitch see almost daily "League of Legends" content where he'll play anywhere from a few hours to 16 hours at a time. In fact, tyler1 won a Streamer Award for Best "League of Legends" Streamer in 2022.


For 10 years, Faker has professionally played "League of Legends" and destroyed the competition across the world. He's taken to Twitch to stream his gameplay when he's not practicing with his team or playing competitive games, and he generally streams with the team regularly.


If you're looking for someone to watch that will awe you, then Faker's stream is the place to be. He's considered one of the best players in the world, if not the best player, and he's often featured in the "League of Legends" cinematics. In 2018's "RISE" video, Faker was even the ultimate enemy that fellow player Ambition had to defeat. Faker's also been shown off as a trainer of the next "League" generation in 2020's "Take Over" cinematic.

According to INVEN Global, Faker has the highest win rate, highest kills, and highest Championship wins among all professional "League" players. He's one of the biggest names in "League of Legends," and you can learn a lot from watching his streams.