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The Diofield Chronicle - What We Know So Far

When it comes to RPG games, Square Enix is one of the heaviest hitters out there. It's constantly pushing out great games in the genre, and "The DioField Chronicle" is now on the horizon. The game got fans excited when it was teased at the March 2022 PlayStation State of Play.


"The DioField Chronicle" is being developed by both Square Enix and Lancarse. Lancarse has been involved in developing several titles in the past, including the first two "Etrian Odyssey" games, "Monark," "Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux," and "Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth" – so rest assured the studio is no stranger to RPGs (via Giant Bomb).

A lot of information was released when the game was announced, setting it up really well for anyone looking forward to playing it. The biggest question most people have is about when the game will release, and plenty are wondering what the game's going to be like.

When is the release date for The DioField Chronicle?

While the announcement for "The DioField Chronicle" had plenty of information, the one thing it didn't give was an exact release date. The game's website does show that it will release in 2022, though, and Square Enix itself has some information that can help narrow a release date down.


According to Square Enix, there are several games set to release from the publisher in 2022, including "Valkyrie Elysium," which was also shown off at the March 2022 State of Play. There are five games with a vague 2022 release date that are listed after "Forspoken," which will arrive on May 24, 2022. Out of the five games, "The DioField Chronicle" is listed after three other titles. With that in mind, it's safe to assume that there are three games that will come out between May 24 and before "DioField," and there will be one game to release afterward.

There's nothing else on the way from Lancarse according to Steam, so it's a bit hard to narrow down the date further. However, it'll likely come towards the end of the year given the information from Square Enix.


Is there a trailer for The DioField Chronicle?

"The DioField Chronicle" was announced with a trailer that showed off some impressive parts of the game. One of the best things the trailer showed was the game's graphics. Many RPGs, especially from Square Enix, have 2D art styles, particularly in terms of characters. "The DioField Chronicles" certainly follows this trend, but with a catch. The game also features stunning 3D graphics in cutscenes that set it apart from a lot of the games that have been released from the publisher around the same time, like "Triangle Strategy."


In fact, the beautiful graphics also show up on the battlefield. The trailer showed gorgeous 3D units and combat animations that flowed perfectly. There was also plenty of great voice acting highlighted in both the cutscenes and gameplay sections of the trailer.

The graphics weren't the only impressive part of the trailer, though. The gameplay looked just as spectacular.

What's the gameplay like in The DioField Chronicle?

"The DioField Chronicle" isn't just a regular RPG. The game's website says that it's "the birth of a new SRPG" called RTTB, or Real-Time Tactical Battle. There are a variety of things that should affect your strategy, including battlefield conditions that don't normally influence combat in RPGs.


The game takes place in the Kingdom of Alletain, where a foreign Empire is looking to invade. If you're used to top-down strategy games, then the gameplay will look pretty familiar. The goal is to be victorious on the battlefield while maneuvering unique units.

The trailer for the game showed off some interesting mechanics, including creative ways to take out groups of enemies and more combat-like actions instead of just telling units to fight a specific enemy like most SRPGs. Of course, in true Square Enix RPG fashion, there's a complex story going on alongside the strategic gameplay. In fact, there are eight characters featured on the game's website with bios that give more context to the story.